The continuing discussion regarding the lighting on State Route 89A in West Sedona is truly amazing.

I can’t believe that after all the discussion this community has had on this issue, that there still are people out there that just don’t want lights no matter what.

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The saga at our Sedona Fire District reminds me of an old classic western; “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

We have had shoot-outs, shout downs, flat-out character assassination and many other aspects that were prevalent in the Old West.

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If a question is not answered by the Style Bible, consult the AP Stylebook or Merriam-Webster. There are no duplications between our Style Bible and AP.

Listings of former names are in reverse order, i.e., President Barack Obama, formerly George W. Bush, formerly Bill Clinton, formerly George H.W. Bush ....

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Larson Newspapers Style Bible

#: Use No., i.e., The Cottonwood team, ranked No. 6 in its division, face No. 4-seeded Sedona.

(): To avoid confusion, change to brackets, [ ], with the sole exception of 501(c)(3) or long-distance telephone numbers.

[ ]: brackets, use in almost all instances. Avoid ( ): parenthesis. Use brackets sparingly and only to clarify quotes or when less jarring punctuation will not work. Instead, use em dash.

10/12 Lounge: 910 Main St., Clarkdale

1st Friday Gallery Tour: 1st Friday on second reference

2,4-D: Use 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on first reference. A toxic herbicide.

501(c)(3): nonprofit classification. Named after the chapter and paragraph of the Internal Revenue Service tax code. Not all nonprofits are 501(sc)(3). Parentheses instead of brackets. If an organization operates as a nonprofit, but does not file taxes at all or taxes under the 501(c)(3) tax code, refer to it as a not-for-profit. Most 501(c)(3) organizations will identify themselves as such

7 Centers Yoga Arts: 2115 Mountain Road.

911: emergency phone number. No longer use 9-1-1.

A Day in the West: Jeep company owned by former Sedona Vice Mayor and Councilman John Bradshaw. Never omit "A".

Abandoned Minds: improvisational comedy troupe, directed by Kerry Biondo

Accelerated Learning Charter School: Cottonwood

Adams, Rob: Former Sedona mayor, May 2008 to 2014. City councilman, Dec. 2005-May 2008.

Adele Seronde Studio: 345 Longwood Drive, Village of Oak Creek, 284-9052.

Administration on Aging: Use USAOA or AOA on second reference., not USAA.

Adopt For Life Center for Animals: formerly Adopt-For-Life Center for Animals [note hyphens] and formerly Verde Valley Humane Society; located in Cottonwood; executive director Gary DeGeronimo

AED: Use automated external defibrillator on first reference and defibrillator on second reference. Only use AED in direct quotes.

after-school: hyphenated when used as an adjective before a noun; i.e., after-school programs

AHCCCS: Use Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System on first reference. Arizona's Medicaid program

Ahwatukee: region of the city of Phoenix, south of South Mountain. Not an independent municipality

AIA: Use Arizona Interscholastic Association on first reference.

AIMS: use Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards on first reference. AIMS on second reference. AIMS test is redundant.


Ak Chin Indian Community, of the Ak Chin Indian Reservation: An Arizona tribe

Alcorn: Timothy Lee Alcorn (Born 11/24/1975) sentenced to life without parole in Nov. 2004 for murders of Ruth and Larry Birkner, on Feb. 18, 2004. Brother Robert Dale Alcorn (Born 8/19/1973) and cousin Timothy Wayne Robinson (Born 12/5/1982) convicted of auto theft and hindering prosecution.

All Souls Cemetery: Part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, located adjacent to Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish, Cottonwood

alleged, reportedly: the best placement is before the verb, "Before police arrived, the suspect allegedly punched the victim." Alleged usually indicates an unverified statement while reportedly is an observation by a police officer or a police statement in a report. "After police arrived, the suspect reportedly punched the victim" or "After police arrived, the suspect punched the victim, according to police reports."

alternate route: not alternative route

alumnus, alumni, etc.: Latin root with gender specific endings: one man alumnus; one woman alumna; many men alumni; many women alumnae; many people both men and women alumni. Only use the shortened form alum in direct quotes.

Alystock, Mike: Former superintendent of the Sedona-Oak Creek School District. Replaced on interim. Permantly replaced by Dave Lykins.

Amara Creekside: 310 N. SR 89A, 282-4828.

Amendment 12 to the Coconino National Forest Management Plan:
land conservation amendment affecting U.S. Forest Service land around Sedona. Championed by Keep Sedona Beautiful.

American Heritage Academy: Cottonwood

American Legion: Post 25, 480 S. Calvary Way, Cottonwood, Post 93, 276 S. 3rd St., Camp Verde.

American Youth Soccer Organization: Use AYSO on second reference.

Amitabha Stupa: Located off Pueblo Drive. Construction initiated by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, spiritual director of the Kunzang Palyul Chöling Tibeten Buddhist centers, located in Poolesville, Md., and West Sedona. Users pray at the stupa or circumambulate clockwise.

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: For readers, identify the disease by its more common name "... amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, more commonly called Lou Gehrig's disease,". Use Lou Gehrig's disease or ALS on second reference.

Anasazi: Also Hisatsinom, Hopi for "people of long ago." Referred to by anthropologists as the San Juan Basketmakers. Don't use "Anasazi Indians," as "Indians" is understood.

Anderson, Ken: Former (U.S. Forest Service) Red Rock Ranger District Ranger

Anderson-Mandette Art Gallery: Old Mingus High School, building C, 867 Hampshire Ave., Jerome. Robin Anderson and Margo Mandette, owners.

Andrea Smith Gallery: Tlaquepaque, 336 SR 179, Suite D102.

anime: Japanese-created animation style.

annual: never capped: ninth annual Rhythm 'n' Ribs, 226th annual Fourth of July

AOA: Use U.S. Administration on Aging on first reference, and AOA on second reference. The acronym AOA is officially used, not USAA

APIPA: use Arizona Physicians Independent Physicians Association on first reference. Yes, "Physicians" is used twice.

Apizza Heaven: 2675 W. SR 89A.

APS: Use Arizona Public Service on first reference

Aquarian Concepts Community (ACC): group run by Tony Delevin aka "Gabriel of Sedona," owns Future Studios. Group is now called Global Community Communications Alliance. In references, use something such as "Aquarian Concepts Community, now called Global Community Communications Alliance, ...."

Archuleta, Liz: Coconino County District 2 Supervisor and Chairwoman. Elected 1997

Arizona Attorney General's Sedona satellite office: At St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 100 Arroyo Piñon Drive, West Sedona. Volunteers assist people to file civil rights, consumer fraud or identity theft complaints.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne: Always add "Arizona" on first reference so that readers don't confuse him with U.S. Attorney General.

Arizona Conference of Police & Sheriffs: Use AZCOPS on second reference.

Arizona Commission on the Arts: not "for"

Arizona Department of Corrections: Use ADOC on second reference

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality: Use ADEQ on second reference

Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections: Use ADOJC on second reference

Arizona Department of Public Safety: State highway patrol. Use DPS on second reference

Arizona Department of Veterans Services

Arizona Game and Fish Department:
Use game and fish department on second reference

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: Republican, took over for Janet Napolitano Jan. 21, 2009, former Secretary of State. Do not spell out "governor" before her name, but use it when it replaces her name. "The governor said."

Arizona governors:
George W.P. Hunt, aka "Old Walrus" [D], Inaugurated as governor on the day of Arizona's statehood, Feb. 14, 1912, to Jan. 1, 1917. Served seven terms.
Thomas Edward Campbell [R], Jan. 1, 1917 , to Dec. 25, 1917, Campbell’s election win was overturned by the Arizona Supreme Court and awarded to George W.P. Hunt.
George W.P. Hunt [D], Dec. 25, 1917, to Jan. 6, 1919.
Thomas Edward Campbell [R], Jan. 6, 1919, to Jan. 29, 1923.
George W.P. Hunt [D], Jan. 29, 1923, to Jan. 7, 1929.
John Calhoun Phillips [R], Jan. 7, 1929, to Jan. 5, 1931. Built the State Capital building.
George W.P. Hunt [D], Jan. 5, 1931, to Jan. 2, 1933.
Benjamin Baker Moeur [D], Jan. 2, 1933, to Jan. 4, 1937.
Rawghlie Clement Stanford [D], Jan. 4, 1937, to Jan. 2, 1939. Justice of the Arizona State Supreme Court, 1943-1955, Chief Justice, Jan. 1953 to his death Dec. 15, 1953.
Robert Taylor Jones [D], Jan. 2, 1939, to Jan. 6, 1941.
Sidney Preston Osborn [D], Jan. 6, 1941, to May 25, 1948. Served four two-year terms. Died in office of Lou Gehrig's disease, and was replaced by Dan Edward Garvey, Arizona secretary of state.
Dan Edward Garvey [D], May 25, 1948, to Jan. 1, 1951.
John Howard Pyle [R], Jan. 1, 1951, to Jan. 3, 1955. In 1953, he attempted to break up a polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints compound in Colorado City, Ariz., in the Short Creek Raid, which resulted in two dozen men arrested and 236 children placed in foster homes.
Ernest W. McFarland [D], Jan. 3, 1955, to Jan. 5, 1959. Chief Justice on the Arizona Supreme Court from 1968 to 1970.
Paul Jones Fannin [R], Jan. 5, 1959, to Jan. 4, 1965.
Samuel Pearson Goddard Jr. [D], Jan. 4, 1965, to Jan. 2, 1967.
Jack Richard Williams [R], Jan. 2, 1967, to Jan. 6, 1975.
Raul Hector Castro [D], Jan. 6, 1975, to Oct. 20, 1977. Castro resigned to take post as U.S. ambassador to Argentina, and was replaced by Wesley Bolin, Arizona secretary of state. Prior to becoming governor, Castro had been ambassador to both El Salvador and Boliva.
Wesley Bolin [D] Oct. 20, 1977, to March 4, 1978, died in office, replaced by Bruce Babbitt, Arizona attorney general, as they post of Arizona secretary of state was still vacant by Bolin's succession to governor five months before.
Bruce Babbitt [D] March 4, 1978, to Jan. 5, 1987. Later served as 47th U.S. Secretary of the Interior from 1993 to 2001.
Evan Mecham [R] Jan. 5, 1987, to April 4, 1988. Impeached and removed from office on charges of obstruction of justice and misuse of government funds, but was later acquitted. Replaced by Rose Mofford, Arizona secretary of state.
Rose Perica Mofford [D], April 4, 1988, to March 6, 1991. First female governor of Arizona.
Fife Symington [R] March 6, 1991, to Sept. 8, 1997. Resigned after being convicted of bank fraud, since state law does not allow felons to hold office. The conviction was later overturned and he was pardoned by President Bill Clinton in his last few days in office.
Jane Dee Hull [R] Sept. 8, 1997, to Jan. 6, 2003. Second female governor, but first one elected into office.
Janet Napolitano [D] Jan. 6, 2003, to Jan. 20, 2009. Appointed Secretary of Homeland Security by President Barack Obama.
Jan Brewer: [R], Jan. 21, 2009, to present. 
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System: Use AHCCCS on second reference; Arizona's Medicaid program
Arizona league of cities and towns: Use League of Arizona Cities and Towns

Arizona Long Term Care System: Use ALTCS on second reference. A program for aged, blind or disabled individuals in nursing homes. Run by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System.

Arizona Motor Vehicle Division: Use MVD on second reference

Arizona Rep. Andy Tobin [R-District 1]: Junior representative. Elected 2006

Arizona Rep. Karen Fann [R-District 1]

Arizona Revised Statute [ARS]: formal name for Arizona state law. Precede with section sign "§" [Keyboard: ALT+0167 or in Glyphs], e.g., ARS §13-1105.

Arizona School of Integrative Studies: Use ASIS on second reference. In Clarkdale

Arizona Sen. Steve Pierce [R-District 1] 

Arizona Snowbowl: ski resort north of Flagstaff. Snowbowl is OK on second reference

Arizona State University Mona Plummer Aquatic Center: in Tempe

Arizona State University: formerly Territorial Normal School at Tempe, 1898-1900; Normal School of Arizona, 1900-03; Tempe Normal School of Arizona, 1903-25; Tempe State Teachers College, 1925-29; Arizona State Teachers College, 1929-45; Arizona State College at Tempe, 1945-58

Arizona Upgrade Academy: In Cottonwood

Armstrong, Roial "Roi": Yavapai County Sheriff's Office forest patrol deputy (full title)

Arroyo Roble Resort: Sedona

Art Galleries of Jerome: Umbrella organization for first Saturday artwalk.

Art Mart Gallery: 2081 W. SR 89A, Suite 11. 203-4576. Manager K.B. Bren.

Arte-Misia: Hillside Sedona, 671 SR 179, Suite 4.

Artisan's Guild Gallery: artist co-op, 497 S. Main Street, Camp Verde

artwalk: 1st Friday Gallery Tour, in Sedona and VOC; First Satuday Jerome Ark Walk; First Friday ArtWalk, Flagstaff

Athabaskan: American Indian language family, some dialects of which are Chipewyan, Dil zhéé [Tonto Apache], Diné [Navajo] and Hupa

attorneys' fees

autism: not capped.

Avalon Gardens: 91 Loy Lane. Owned by Aquarian Concepts Community, now the Global Community Communications Alliance [Gabriel of Sedona].

ayurveda, ayurvedic: traditional Hindu medicine. Always lowercase.  

BAC: Use blood alcohol content on first reference

Back o' Beyond Road

backyard: One word in all uses

Bacon Rind Park: 3790 N. SR 89A, in Oak Creek Canyon at Indian Gardens.

BAER: Use Burned Area Emergency Response on first reference. A U.S. Forest Service organization that replants areas after wildfires.

Baker, Jackie: Former Camp Verde town councilwoman.

Bambi Bucket: Trademark for helicopter bucket or monsoon bucket. A collapsible bucket suspended below a helicopter and used to combat wildfires from the air. There are 20 sizes available from 72 to 2,600 gallons.

BANNED WORDS: Avoid use except in specific instances or direct quotes:
"award-winning," If used, the name of the award or who awarded it must be included.
," not a synonym for "host"
adds nothing to a story
," not a synonym for "active"
"really," when a comparative adverb
"special," unless absolutely necessary as in "a special City Council meeting"
"sweeping views"

"unique" unless specifically describing. Something for which there comparision, i.e., something that is different from or unexpected from the typical, e.g., an oil painting is not unique, an oil painting created underwater by a blind artist is. Do not use if there is no comparision, i.e., he is a unique person is false, because people by definition are unique.
use "use"
," you must indicate well-known to whom and for what.
"very" adds nothing to a story

Barbara Antonsen Memorial Park: Do not use "Barbara's park" except in direct quotes

Barber, Debbie: Camp Verde town clerk.

Barrington, Susan: Sedona Community Center [formerly Adult Community Center of Sedona] executive director; Friday columnist.

Bartosh, Doug: Cottonwood city manager who was hired in January 2008, replacing the late Brian Mickelsen, who died Aug. 18, 2007. Former Cottonwood Police Department chief of police.


BATFE: Use the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on first reference. Name changed from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms on Jan. 24, 2003. Use BATFE or the bureau on second reference.

B.C./A.D. or B.C.E./C.E.

  • B.C., Before Christ, use after date: Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 B.C.
  • A.D., Anno Domini, use before date, The Mayan calendar cycle lasts 144,000 days, from  3113 B.C. to A.D. 2012
  • B.C.E., Before Common Era, use after date in non-Christian-centered calendars, The Qin Empire was short-lived, from 221 to 206 B.C.E.
  • C.E., Common Era, use after date in non-Christian-centered calendars, The Second Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed when the Romas sacked in the city in 70 C.E.


Beaver Creek Adult Center

Beaver Creek Elementary School District:
Use BCESD on second reference. Only one school in the district, Beaver Creek School, in Rimrock. Note "elementary" is not in the school name

Beaverhead Flat Road

bed and breakfast: Use B&B, no spaces, on second reference.

Belle Affeld Beloved Humanities Academy: Lake Montezuma

Benefactors of Red Rock State Park: Group dedicated to keep Red Rock State Park open despite statewide budget cuts that closed many nonprofitable Arizona State Parks in 2009 and 2010.

Bennett, Ken: former Arizona District 1 senator [R] and Arizona State Senate president. Elected 1998

Betty Turner Youth Foundation: Runs 3 faith-based group homes: Lost and Found, Bridgeport; Andy's Place, Verde Village Unit 6; Anna's Hope, for girls, Camp Verde

big box store: a large corporate retail store

Big Brothers Big Sisters: Local branch is Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters. No punctuation in the name.

Big O Tires

Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Bill Gray Road, east of Cottonwood. Not Grey

Birch: Si Birch, longtime Sedona resident who died in 1998. Married to the late Lee Birch. State Route 89A through Sedona is named the Si Birch Highway, and the main meeting room at the Sedona Public Library is the Si Birch Community Room.


Birkland, Connie: Coconino National Forest Red Rock Ranger District public affairs specialist. Another way to list the title would be Connie Birkland, public affairs specialist of Coconino National Forest's Red Rock Ranger District.

Birkner: Ruth and Larry Birkner were murdered by Timothy Lee Alcorn (Born 11/24/1975) on Feb. 18, 2004. Alcorn was sentenced to life without parole in Nov. 2004. Alcorn's brother Robert Dale Alcorn (Born 8/19/1973) and cousin Timothy Wayne Robinson (Born 12/5/1982) convicted of auto theft and hindering prosecution.

birth date, death date: after the name, use long format [1950-2005]. Short format is OK: [1950-99], [1950-53]

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted: bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix


Black Diamond Bay: Art studio at 2160 Shelby Road, Suite 109B, Sedona. 204-2442.

Blauert, Dave: Former Sedona Fire District Governing Board Chairman. Lost recall election to Diane Schoen on May 15, 2012.

Boler, Bill:Former Sedona Fire District assistant chief.


Bowers: William Duane Bowers (Born 05/08/1937), arrested May 2006 and indicted June 13, 2007, for charges of sexual conduct with a minor and abuse of a child/vulnerable adult. The deaf and developmentally disabled victim, Bowers' stepdaughter, was 19 at the time of Bowers' 2006 arrest and had been molested since age 10 or 11. Bowers pleaded to contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child/vulnerable adult abuse.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Arizona:  the Sedona branch of the ...; the Cottonwood branch of the ..., former CEO Tammy Walz moved to San Diego.

Bradshaw, John:Sedona city councilman, 2002-2008, vice mayor 2008-2010. Owns Jeep tour company A Day in the West and Sedona Photo Express.

break dance, break dancer, breakdancing 

 Breathalyzer and Intoxilyzer: brand names of device used to determine alcohol content of a breath sample

Bren: K.B. Bren, manager of Art Mart Gallery. Bren is also involved in the State Route 89A lighting issue. He formed Citizens for Safety after witnessing a German tourist hit by a car at Andante Drive.

Breunig, Robert G., Ph.D.:Museum of Northern Arizona director

Briar Patch Inn:3190 N. SR 89A.

Brins Fire:burned 4,317 acres on Brins Mesa, Wilson Mountain and Oak Creek Canyon from June 18, 2006, to containment June 28, 2006.

Brown, Marie:former city of Sedona director of community services.

Bruno, James Anthony:Chandler real estate investor, bought "Heart of Sedona" with moniker "jab1957"

Bryce Canyon National Park 

Buchanan, G.C. "Buck":former Yavapai County sheriff

Bueler Funeral Home: Camp Verde. Formerly Hepler Funeral Home

Buena Vista Children's Services

build-out:estimated expansion of Sedona within city limits when all open available land will be built on or preserved. Estimated in 2025

Bullard: Dane Bullard, former Camp Verde finance director. Resigned Sept. 17, 2007.

Burgess & Niple:engineering and architecture firm

Burned Area Emergency Response:Use BAER on second reference.

Butner, Joe: Yavapai County deputy attorney

café: For accented é, open "Window," select "Type & Tables," select "Glyphs" and then select the "é".

Café Jose: 2370 W. SR 89A, Suite 1. 282-0299.

Calvary, cavalry: Calvary: Hill outside Jerusalem on which Jesus Christ was crucified, capped; cavalry: soldiers on horseback or light armor units, lowercase.

Camp Verde's Arizona Crawdad Festival

Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce: Executive Director Roy Gugliotta. Use CVCC or Chamber of Commerce or chamber on second reference.

Camp Verde Community Development Director William Wright

Camp Verde Community Library: Director Gerry Laurito. 130 Black Bridge Loop Road, Camp Verde.

Camp Verde Crawdad Festival

Camp Verde Fire District: OK to use CVFD on second reference.

Camp Verde High School sports: athletic director Mark Showers.

Camp Verde Humane Society: OK to use CVHS on second reference.

Camp Verde Justice Court

Camp Verde Marshal Nancy Gardner

Camp Verde Marshal's Office: Use CVMO on second reference. Officers are deputies.

Camp Verde Multi-Use Complex: Now called the Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts, 280 Camp Lincoln Road

Camp Verde Parks and Recreation Department: Director Lynda Moore

Camp Verde Sanitary District: OK to use CVSD on second reference. CVSD Board Chairman Gregg Freeman. Vice Chairman Ben Bueler. Clerk and Treasurer Al Dupuy. Board members Bob Fraiser and Rob Witt [former chairman].

Camp Verde skate park: use Heritage Skate Park, in Camp Verde

Camp Verde Town Attorney Bill Sims

Camp Verde Town Clerk Debbie (Deborah) Barber.

Camp Verde Town Council: Mayor Bob Burnside, Vice Mayor Bob Kovacovich, Councilwomen Norma Garrison, Carol German, Jackie Baker and Robin Whatley. Councilman Pete Roulette.

Camp Verde Town Magistrate Rodger Overholser

Camp Verde Town Manager Russ Martin. Formerly Michael Scannell. Formerly Bill Lee.

Camp Verde Transfer Station: trash drop-off site

Camp Verde Unified School District: OK to use CVUSD on second reference. Superintendent Dan Brown, started 2009-10 school year. Camp Verde High School, Cowboys, Principal Bob Weir. Camp Verde Middle School, Principal Danny Howe, (Russ Snider, the former principal of Sedona Red Rock High School, served as part-time interim principal); Camp Verde Elementary School, Principal Debbie Pottorff;  South Verde Technology Magnet School,  formerly  Career and Academic Learning Company [formerly Camp Verde Alternative School], administrator James Taylor

Camp Verde United Christian School: Principal John Watson.

Camp Verde Water System: the Camp Verde water company.

Canyon Breeze: 300 N. SR 89A, Uptown.

Canyon Moon Theatre Co.: 6601 SR 179, at Oak Creek Factory Outlets, 282-6212. Producing Artistic Director Mary Guaraldi. Note "-re" in "Theatre" but not in "the theater." OK to use CMT on second reference.

cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Use CPR on first reference. Use cardiopulmonary resuscitation for clarification, if needed. Most recent version is called continuous chest compression, which has a greater success rate than standard CPR.

Carter, Tim: Yavapai County superintendent of schools (countywide).

Barking Frog: 2620 W. SR 89A.

Casson, Mike: Cottonwood Fire Department chief.

casus belli: Latin: "case for war," not causes belli

Catholic Churches: In the Diocese of Phoenix. Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Cottonwood; St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church, Camp Verde; St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Sedona

Cave Creek Complex Fire

CC&Rs: use covenants, conditions and restrictions on first reference. Not CCNRS

CDBG: use Community Development Block Grant on first reference.

Center for Creative Education: Center for Creative Education Charter School, Cottonwood, kindergarten to fifth grade. Fewer than 100 students; Montessori Children's House, Camp Verde, kindergarten. Fewer than 20 students.

CEO, CFO, CIO: use acronym on first reference.

CH2M Hill: engineering and architecture firm

chakra: not capped.

Chamber Music Sedona: Executive Director Bert Harclerode. OK to use CMS on second reference.

Chaparral Bar: 325 S. Main St., Cottonwood.

Chapel area: named for Chapel of the Holy Cross where numerous worship centers are also located. Located east of Oak Creek, south of Radisson Poco Diablo, west of the Twin Buttes.

Chapel of the Holy Cross: Administered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix and St. John Vianney Catholic Parish, of Sedona. The chapel was conceived of by Marguerite Bruswig Staude in 1932. Construction finished in April 1956. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix took over the site in 1969. The chapel is now only a place for meditation, tourist attraction, and gift and book store: there are no services, no weddings and no special events at the chapel.

Chediski Fire: Use Rodeo-Chediski Fire on first reference, Rodeo-Chediski on second reference. It burned 468,638 acres on the National Forest and the Fort Apache Reservation from June 18 to July 7, 2002. Second largest fire in Arizona history, after 2011 Wallow Fire. Evacuations of Lakeside, Pinetop, Hon Dah, Clay Springs, Linden, Heber, Overgaard and Show Low.

Chester-Newton Charter and Montessori School: Camp Verde, kindergarten to fourth grade. Fewer than 100 students.

chimichanga: Deep-fried Mexican dish. Only use chimi in direct quote

Chino Valley High School: Cougars; Chino Valley Unified School District

chiropractor: Not a medical doctor. Use "Dr." only if chiropractor also has medical degree. Most do not.

ChocolaTree: ChocolaTree Roots, a "live organic vegetarian eatery," aka vegan, café and garden, formerly Sedona Raw Gourmet Café, 1595 W. SR 89A, 282-2997. ChocolaTree Hillside café, 671 SR 179, Suite E-1, at Hillside Sedona, 204-5575.

Christensen, Charles: Former SFD Governing Board clerk. Lost recall election to Nazih Hazime.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Use LDS Church or LDS or Mormon on second reference when referring to the main sect of Mormonism. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints refers to separate Missouri branch. There are approximately 100 smaller sects, the largest being the 250,000-member Community of Christ.

Church of the Red Rocks: 54 Bowstring Drive, 282-7963.

citizen/resident: cities and states do not grant citizenship, only countries do. Use [U.S.] citizen, Arizona resident, Sedona resident.

Citizens for an Alternate Route: OK to use CFAR on second reference. President Carolyn Huggins [also on SOCSD Governing Board].

City Council: Always precede with which city [Sedona or Cottonwood] on first reference, regardless of which newspaper.

city of Cottonwood: lowercase "city."

city of Sedona: lowercase "city." Incorporated in 1988. Mayor Rob Adams; Vice Mayor Mark DiNunzio; Councilmen John Martinez, Dan McIlroy, Mike Ward and Councilwomen Barbara Litrell and Jessica Williamson. City Attorney's Office: City Attorney Mike Goimarac, Assistant City Attorney Gene Neil, Assistant City Attorney Ron Ramsey, Assistant City Attorney Jennifer Paetkau and Legal Assistant Jenny Braden.
City Manager's Office: City Manager Tim Ernster, Assistant City Manager Alison Zelms, Community Services  Director Andi Welsh, Director of Financial Services Barbara Ashley. Director of Community Development John O'Brien. Communication Manager Ginger Wolstencroft. Human Resources manager Brenda Tammarine. Information Technology Manager John Smith. Director of Public Works Charles Mosley (his other official title is "City Engineer Charles Mosley;" after the name: "Charles Mosley, city engineer and director of public works"). Streets Superintendent Dan Neimy. Director of Wastewater Pat Livingstone.

Clark Memorial Clubhouse: 25 N. Ninth St., Clarkdale.

Clark Memorial Library Manager Charlotte Hawken

Clarkdale Finance Director Kathy Bainbridge

Clarkdale Fire District: Formerly the Clarkdale Fire Department.

Clarkdale Gazebo: Located at the Clarkdale Towne Park.

Clarkdale Municipal Water Utility: Run by Cottonwood Utility Department

Clarkdale Police Department Police Chief Pat Haynie

Clarkdale Town Clerk Kathy Bainbridge

Clarkdale Town Council: Mayor Doug Von Gausig; Vice Mayor Richard Denhert; Town Councilmen Curtiss Bohall and Bill Regner and Reynold P. “Rennie” Radoccia. Councilwoman Pat Williams resigned in April 2012 after March reelection and died in May; replaced by Radoccia.

Clarkdale Town Manager Gayle Mabery

Clarkdale Town Park

Clarkdale-Jerome School / Clarkdale-Jerome School District: OK to use CJS for the school CJSD for the district on second reference. Roughly 370 students, Clarkdale-Jerome School, Clarkdale, Kathleen Fleenor is both school principal and district superintendent. Board President Jill Zaske; Clerk Laurie Lozano; members Jane Phillips, Dale Williams and Becky O'Banion. 1615 Main St., Clarkdale, 928-634-5035. Mascot is Mingus Rams. Use Rams alone only in direct quotes, otherwise use Mingus Rams.

Clemenceau Heritage Museum: 1 N. Willard St., Cottonwood.

Cliff Castle Casino: 555 S. Middle Verde Road, at Exit 289 off I-17, in Camp Verde. Dragonfly Lounge, Lodge at Cliff Castle, Stargazer Pavilion.


C-Market: Uptown convenience store.

Cochise County

Coconino County

Coconino County Board of Supervisors: District 1 Carl Taylor, District 2 Liz Archuleta, District 3 Matt Ryan [chairman who represents Sedona area], District 4 Deb Hill, District 5 Lena Fowler

Coconino Forest Plan: Governs forest area. Amendment 12 to the Coconino Forest Plan.

Coconino High School: Panthers; Flagstaff Unified School District

Coconino Humane Association: not Society

Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District: District Ranger Heather Provencio, Public Affairs Specialist Connie Birkland.

Cocopah Tribe: Arizona tribe

Coffee Pot Drive and Coffee Pot Rock: but coffeepot, noun

Coldwell Banker First Affiliate

Colons: Follow AP guideline for colon use in text. However, in a headline, the word following the colon is ALWAYS capitalized.

Colorado River Indian Tribes, of the Colorado River Indian Reservation: Arizona tribe.

Colquitt, Pud: Sedona mayor June 2004.-Dec. 2005; May 23, 2006 to May 2008. Appointed to council in Sept. 2008 through March 2010 as councilwoman. Legal name is Ruth Colquitt. "Pud" is a childhood nickname for "pudding," from her father.

Comello, Al: Al Comello, president of the Sedona Airport Supporters Association.

Community Development Block Grant: OK to use CDBG on second reference.

Community Plan: Capped when refering to official civil engineering document. i.e., Sedona Community Plan.

Congregational Church: not Congregationalist

Congress, congressional

conscience, conscious: conscience [n]: a moral sense; conscious [adj. n.] awake or awareness

Cook Ceder Glade Cemetery: Located off Airport Road, near the Sedona Elks Lodge. Those interred include:
Henry Elmer Cook (1871-1955)
Effie Tennie Jamison Cook (1876-1946)
Jesse Elmer Purtymun (1879-1942)
Maggie Elizabeth Thompson Purtymun (1884-1956)
Cecil Henry “Red” Hedges (1917-1978) a World War II vet and the first Keep Sedona Beautiful Litter Lifter
Theodore Carlton “T.C.” Schnebly (1868-1954), the town’s first postmaster
Sedona Arabelle Miller Schnebly (1877-1950), the city’s namesake
T.C. and Sedona Schnebly’s daughter Pearl Azalea Schnebly (Nov. 18, 1899-June 12, 1905), who was dragged to death by a pony


Copper Canyon Academy: operates girls boarding school, ninth to 12th grade

CornFest: Camp Verde event.

Cottage Gallery: 325 Jordan Road

Cottonwood Airport

Cottonwood Aquatic Center

Cottonwood Area Transit: Public bus system in Cottonwood and the Verde Villages. Administered by the city of Cottonwood and the Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority. OK to use CAT on second reference. Formerly Cottonwood Area Transit System or CATS.

Cottonwood branch of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Arizona

Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce: President/CEO Lana Tolleson. Formerly Pete Sesow.

Cottonwood City Council: Mayor Diane Joens, Vice Mayor Karen Pfeifer; City Councilmen Jesse Dowling, Tim Elinski, Ruben Jaurequi ("HOW-reh-gee") and Terence Pratt; City Councilwoman Linda Norman.

Cottonwood City Manager Doug Bartosh: Bartosh was formerly Cottonwood Police Department chief of police. Former Cottonwood City Manager Brian Mickelsen, 49, died of a heart attack while running Aug. 18, 2007.

Cottonwood Civic Center: 805 N. Main St. Old Town Cottonwood.

Cottonwood Fire Chief Mike Casson

Cottonwood Kids Park: 350 S. 12th St., Cottonwood, east northeast of Verde Valley Fairgrounds. Location of annual Rhythm 'n' Ribs festival

Cottonwood Municipal Water and Wastewater Utility: run by Cottonwood Utility Department

Cottonwood Police Department Police Chief Jody Fanning

Cottonwood Public Library Director John O'Neil

Public Safety Building: Houses both the Cottonwood Police Department and the Cottonwood Fire Department. Located at 199 S. Sixth St., Cottonwood.

Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District: OK to use COCSD on second reference. About 2,500 students, Superintendent Barbara U'Ren. Cottonwood Elementary School, Principal Patricia Dee; Dr. Daniel Bright Elementary School, Cottonwood, Principal Kathy Epperson; Oak Creek School, Principal Ben Russel ? ; Cottonwood Middle School, Principal Denise Kennedy (Note that Oak Creek Ranch School is a private school unaffiliated with COCSD.) Tavasci Elementary School closed in 2011c due to funding shortages.

Council Chambers: capped. The municipality should be identified on first reference.

country western music: note lowercase "western."

coup d'état: OK to use coup on second reference.

couple: followed by "of" as in "couple of dozen."

covenants, conditions and restrictions: use CC&Rs on second reference.

CPR: CPR is OK on first reference. Use cardiopulmonary resuscitation for clarification, if needed.

creekwalk: One word when referring to Sedona Creekwalk, proposed area north og

Crick, Charley: Sedona city councilman 1994-98; Replaced Alan Everett on Jan. 22, 2002 and resigned May 10, 2004.

cross-country: the track and field running sport (new change in 2011 AP Stylebook), cross-country [adj.]

CT scan: Stands for computerized tomography scan but CT scan is OK on first reference. Not CAT scan, though it is often pronouced as such.

CTI: formerly Cement Transporters Inc. The acronym CTI is the formal business name. Use Cement Transporters Inc. only in historical context

Cucina Rustica: 7000 SR 179, Suite 126A, Village of Oak Creek, 284-3010.

cutlines: when identifying within a photograph, use commas: John Doe, left, and Jane Doe, third from right. When identifying photo positions on page, use parentheses John Doe in India [above]. Jane Doe in France. [right]

Dahl & DiLuca Ristorante Italiano: Owner Lisa Dahl and head chef Andrea DiLuca (former partner), 2321 W. SR 89A, 282-5219. Also run Cucina Rustica: 7000 SR 179, Suite 126A, Village of Oak Creek, 284-3010.

Danse Sedona: "s" not "c"

Darrow, Warren: Yavapai County Superior Court judge

first reference.:
All past dates, up to and including six days prior to publication, use date only. Six days prior to publication and into the future, use day and date, offset by commas;
e.g. in a publication on Wednesday, June 21, use June 14 but Thursday, June 15,
second reference: No need to use both day and date. Use day, if a day was used in first reference to establish a point of reference, or date. With day and date, always separate date with comma: Wednesday, June 21,

Datsi, Genevieve: Former Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal councilwoman. Unanimously removed from council April 5, 2007, due to "gross misconduct."

Davis, Chip: Yavapai County District 3 Supervisor Chip Davis on first reference. First elected 1996. Real name: Arlo G. Davis.

Davis, Sammy: Motown band leader and singer.

day care [n]; day-care [adj. before a noun]

Dead Horse Ranch State Park: 675 Dead Horse Ranch Road, Cottonwood.Riverfront Park is located there as well.

decibel: normal speech is 60 dBA, loud truck is around 100 dBA

defensible space: perimeter that reduces fire risk


Del Webb: corporate developer with more than 50 housing projects in 20 states, including five in Arizona

Desalvo: Joe Desalvo, owner of Relics restaurant and nightclub

Devi Yoga: 215 Coffee Pot Drive, 203-4046.

DeVol, Stephen "Steve": Former president of Keep Sedona Beautiful. Bought

Dewey: Use Dewey-Humboldt, a town east of Prescott along State Route 169. Incorporated Dec. 20, 2004, from the unincorporated areas of Dewey and Humboldt.

Diamondbacks: In reference to the Major League Baseball team, use Arizona Diamondbacks on first reference. Diamondbacks is OK on second reference. For the rattlesnake, lowercase diamondback.

Diamond Star: Town east of Payson, incorporated November 2005

Dickinson, Mitch: Former Camp Verde mayor


Dilzhée: [Tonto Apache] of the Yavapai-Apache Nation

Diné: The Navajo word for themselves, shortened from "Naabeehó Diné." The name “Navajo” comes from the late 18th century via the Spanish "Apaches de Navajó," which was derived from the Tewa "navahū" and Diné"naabeehó" “fields adjoining a ravine”

Disabled American Veteran: OK to use DAV on second reference.

DMJM Harris: An engineering and architectural firm formed by DMJM [Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall] and Frederic R. Harris

doctor: Only use with Dr. before a name for: doctor of dental surgery (DDS), doctor of medicine (MD), doctor of optometry (OD), doctor of osteopathy (DO), and doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM). Use Ph.D., offset by commas after a name for those with doctoral degrees, such as doctorate in English or a doctorate in chemistry. As a rule of thumb, only use "doctor" if the person in question can perform surgury. Do not use Dr. for chiropractors, psychologists (psychiatrists, however, usually have an M.D. and can prescribe medication), naturopaths, homeopaths, doctors of education, vetrinarians nor doctors of divinity.

Drake: Robert Charles: Born Jan. 24, 1954. Sentenced to life without parole for knife murder of Sandra Kay Paul and attempted murder of David Poe on March 29, 2005.

Dragonfly Lounge: Cliff Castle Casino, 555 S. Middle Verde Road, Camp Verde, 567-7999.


Drug-Free School Zone

DUI: Use driving under the influence on first reference, use DUIon second reference. When describing the nature of the crime, use "blood alcohol content" and "percentage," "On New Year's Eve, his blood alcohol content was 0.21 percent. He drove home and got arrested for driving under the influence. It is his second DUI." Use BAC on second reference. Always use a leading zero. Range is 0.05 percent [intoxicated] to 0.3 percent [fall-down drunk], coma occurs at 0.35; death usually above 0.4, such as Amy Winehouse on July 23, 2011 at 0.41 percent, but some higher cases have been recorded, one of the highest was a Washington state woman at 0.47 percent. The legal limit for DUI in Arizona is 0.08 percent BAC. Extreme DUI is 0.15 percent. Be careful to use 0.08 not 0.8.

Dunst, Nancy Robb: Sedona artist. Dunst on 2nd ref.

DWI: Driving while intoxicated is used in some states to differentiate drunk driving from driving while on drugs. Arizona only uses DUI (driving under the influence).

Eagle Rock Fire: Burned 3,420 acres west of Flagstaff and 11 miles northeast of Williams. Started by lightning on June 11, 2010. 100% contained on June 19, 2010.

Eardley, Margaret M.: Former ILX Resorts CFO

East, Eastern: when used to the refer to the East Coast of the United States, but not east Maine

Eclectic Image Gallery: Tlaquepaque, 336 SR 179, Suite A108


Eden Center Adult Day Health Services

Edwards Hall Charter School: Cottonwood, less than 30 students

e.g.: exempli gratia, Latin for for example

EKG: Use electrocardiogram on first reference.

Eland Mark: Use of a question mark in a headline to imply "maybe"

El Prado: An art gallery at Hillside Sedona

El Rincon: Formerly Rincon del Tlaquepaque. Same family used to own Casa Rincon and Tapas Cantina.

El Valle Artists Association

Elfman, Allen: former Sedona-Oak Creek School District Governing Board member. Convicted Aug. 18, 2008, and sentenced to 25 days in jail, $1,000 fine and intensive five-year probation for performing fake marriages claiming to be a justice of the peace.

Elinski, Tim: Cottonwood city councilman.

Elks: formal name is Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks [of the USA]

ellipse " ..." : AP treats an ellipsis as a three-letter word, separated by spaces. Generally, ellipses indicate omitted words in a quote. At the end of a line, a period follows an ellipsis, "the end ...."

Ellis, Dick: Former Sedona mayor June 10, 2002-June 2004; former Sedona city councilman, June 2004-May 23, 2006. In closing months of his City Council term, scandal came to light over a planned trip to a town in South Korea with which Ellis had allegedly signed a sister cities agreement as mayor without the knowledge of City Council.

Elmer, Jim: former Sedona Fire District operations chief, retired, now serves on the Clarkdale Fire District Governing Board.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: A flight school in Prescott. Student pilots use Cottonwood Airport for training.

Emmanuel Fellowship: 1850 E. Fir St., Cottonwood.

Ernster, Tim: Sedona city manager 

Erick, Phyllis: Former Sedona Fire District Governing Board member. Lost May 15, 2012, recall election to Corrie Cooperman.

Erickson Studio Gallery: 251 SR 179, Suite C1

espresso. not expresso

evapotranspiration: wastewater treatment that involves evaporation and plant transpiration

Excel Education Centers: Cottonwood

Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art: 561 SR 179: Exposures, Exposures Gallery or Exposures International on second reference.

Fairfield Sedona: A West Sedona hotel

farmers market

faze, fazed: to disconcert, not phase

Fazio, Vince: director of Nassan Gobran School of the Arts at the Sedona Arts Center.

Federal Emergency Management Agency: Use FEMA on second reference.

FEMA: Use Federal Emergency Management Agency on first reference.

FFA: formerly Future Farmers of America, the official name is the National FFA Organization [the FFA part now means nothing]. National FFA Organization, FFA or Future Farmers of America are acceptable on first reference. FFA is OK on second reference.

Film Sedona: The membership program of the Sedona International Film Festival.

Finnie Flat Road: In Camp Verde. "Flat" is singular.

Fire Departments: Cottonwood Fire Department and Jerome Fire Department. They are operated by municipalities.
Fire Districts: Camp Verde Fire District, Clarkdale Fire District, Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District [The station building in Lake Montezuma reads "department," but it is legally "district"], Sedona Fire District and Verde Valley Fire District. They are independent of municipal governments, have their own tax bases and governing boards.

firefighter, firefighting: Do not use "fireman" except in direct quotes. Ranks are firefighter, engineer, lieutenant (Lt. before a name), captain (Capt. before a name), battalion chief, assistant chief, deputy chief and fire chief (Fire Chief before a name). Specialties like "paramedic" and "emergency medical technician" should not be capped. Fire Marshal investigates fires and inspect structures for fire codes and should be capped before a name.

1st Friday Gallery Tour

Fire Wise: Program agencies use to promote fire safety around homes.

Fitch Industries: Owned by Kent Fitch. Monty Fitch is executive administrator. Fitch Industries is currently in escrow with Mark Tennyson and the Sathcupa [SAve THe CUltural PArk] group for the former Sedona Cultural Park. Clarify Fitch, the man, with Fitch, the company.

Flagstaff High School: Eagles; Flagstaff Unified School District

Flake: U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake [R-Ariz.], from Snowflake. Arizona's junior senator, Class I, elected Nov. 6, 2012. Formerly five-term District 6 representative [2002-2012] and District 1 representative 2000-2002.

flood plain: Not flood plane

fly-fishing: but fly fisherman

Flynn Theatre: At the Sedona Community Center, 2645 Melody Lane, West Sedona.

Forest Road ###: use Forest Road ### on first reference and FR ### on second reference.

Forest Service: use U.S. Forest Service on first reference, Forest Service or USFS on second reference. Not National Forest Service.

Fort McDowell-Yavapai Nation: An Arizona tribe, note hyphen

Fort Mojave Indian Tribe: An Arizona tribe

Fort Verde State Historic Park

Four Corners Power Plant: A five-unit, 2,040-megawatt powerplant located on the Navajo Indian Reservation west of Farmington, N.M., operated by Arizona Public Service (APS).

Fr.: Catholic title for "Father" used before a name. Use only in quoted material, otherwise chnage to "the Rev. John Doe."

Franks: U.S. Rep. Trent Franks [R-District 8]

Frey, Jerry: Former Sedona city councilman, June 2004 to June 2006. Sedona vice mayor from June 2006 to May 2008. Reappointed to council in 2009, but lost mayoral bid to Rob Adams in 2010.

Friends of the Forest: Do not cap "of the".

Friends of the Posse Grounds: Do not cap "of the." Group helping to build the Barbara Antonsen Memorial Park.

Full Moon Saloon: 7000 SR 179, Suite G-100, Tequa Festival Marketplace, Village of Oak Creek, 284-1872.

Future Studios: 30 Hozoni Drive.

"Gabriel of Sedona": Real name is Anthony Joseph "Tony" Delevin. Founder and leader of Global Community Communications Alliance, formerly called Aquarian Concepts Community. Runs Future Studios, in West Sedona
As a musician, use the stage name "Gabriel of Sedona." In civic stories or letters to editor, use his legal name, Tony Delevin.

Gaddafi, Muammar (preferred spelling): Libyan dictator. ABC News identified 112 possible spellings of his name. Muammar Gaddafi is spelling used by BBC, Time and British press. Moammar Gadhafi is used by MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. U.S. Department of State uses Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi. The New York Times uses Muammar el-Qaddafi. The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times use Moammar Kadafi. Use Muammar Gaddafi.

Gah'nahvah/Ya ti': newspaper of the Yavapai-Apache Nation, Managing Editor Trapper Moore. Used to be under contract for publication with Larson Newspapers, now published simply as a newsletter.

gallery district: Any area with many art galleries, but specifically Gallery Row, the stretch of Sedona along State Route 179 from Canyon Drive through the 'Y' Intersection, including Hillside Sedona, Exposures, Hozho Plaza, Garland's Rugs, Tlaquepaque and Creekside Plaza.

Gallery Row: Stretch of Sedona along State Route 179 from Canyon Drive through the 'Y' Intersection, including Hillside Sedona, Exposures, Hozho Plaza, Garland's Rugs, Tlaquepaque and Creekside Plaza.

Ganado High School: Hornets; Ganado United School District, on the Navajo Nation

Garner, Billy: Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal councilman.

Garrison, Norma: Camp Verde town councilwoman.

Gathering Restaurant: At the Lodge at Cliff Castle Casino.

GED: Use general equivalency diploma on first reference.

General Election: but primary election.

General Plan: A municipality's overall plan for future growth. When refering to a specific city cap: "The Sedona General Plan," "Cottonwood City Council worked on the General Plan" but "Arizona requires cities and towns to have formal general plans."

giclée: ink-jet process to produce fine art prints. Note accent is on first "e".

Gila River Indian Community: An Arizona tribe

Gioia, Tony: Former Camp Verde mayor.

Glen Canyon Dam

go-ahead: both n. and adj

Go-Ped: brand name of motorized scooter company and synonymous with their product. For generic, use motorized scooter.

Goimarac, Michael G.: Sedona city attorney. Father of Hope Goimarac and Faith Goimarac.

Golden Word Book Centre: in Sedona. OK to use Golden Word bookstore on first reference.

Goldenstein Gallery: 390 N. SR 89A, Suite 1

Verde Valley's eight golf courses:
Beaver Creek Golf Club, resort, 18 holes; Architect Jack Snyder; Opened 1962; Head Pro Joe Leicht
Canyon Mesa Country Club, public, par 3; Architect Jack Snyder; Opened 1985; Head Pro Lou Nichols
Oakcreek Country Club, public, year-round, 18 holes; Architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. & Robert Trent Jones Sr.; Opened 1967; Head Pro Chris Schindler
Pine Shadows, public, 9 holes; Opened 1996; course manager Julie Tykwinski
Poco Diablo Resort, resort, 9 holes; Architect Jack Snyder; Opened 1966; Head Pro Packy Baker
Sedona Golf Resort, resort, year-round, 18 holes; Architect Gary Panks; Opened 1988; Head Pro Gary Pearce
Seven Canyons, semi-private, 18 holes; Architect Tom Weiskoph; Opened 2003
Verde Sante Fe, public, 18 holes; Architect Stanton McGaw; Opened 1997

Gosar: U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar [R-District 4]. Elected  District 1 representative Nov. 2, 2010. Moved from Flagstaff to Prescott after 2012 congressional redistricting. Elected District 4 representative Nov. 4, 2012.

Google [verb]: to Google, Googling, Googled, etc., always capped. Added to Oxford English Dictionary as a verb on 6/15/2006.

grass roots [n]; grass-roots [adj.]

gray/grey: American spelling for the color is gray; British spelling is grey.

graywater: One word, with an "a". Not greywater, gray water nor grey water. Used water from a home, except from the toilet.

Greater Sedona Community Foundation: Former name of the Sedona Community Foundation. Use Sedona Community Foundation.

greater Sedona or Sedona area: Never use greater Sedona area


Greenworks Plaza: 2945 Southwest Drive.

Greer's Mortuary of Sedona

Grey Wolf Landfill: Located north of Dewey-Humboldt, a small town east of Prescott off SR 169.

Grijalva: U.S. Rep. Raul M. Grijalva [D-District 3]. Elected District 7 representative Nov. 5, 2002, serving until 2012 redistricting put him in District 3, which he won Nov. 4, 2012.

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, in Cuba: U.S. base. Only use Guantanamo Bay or Guantanamo on second reference. Only use Gitmo (a nickname) in direct quotes.

Guaraldi, Mary: Canyon Moon Theatre producing artistic director

Guardian Air: air ambulance service and division of Northern Arizona Healthcare. Uses three Beechcraft King Air E-90 twin-engine turbo prop planes and three Bell 407 helicopters.

GumptionFest: Annual free art and music festival. The first GumptionFest took place June 11, 2006. GumptionFest: Part Deux, June 2, 2007. GumptionFest III: The Good, The Bad & the Gumption, Sept. 6, 2008. GumptionFest IV: GumptionFest 4 Kids, Sept. 4,5 & 6, 2009. GumptionFest 5: Raiders of the Lost Art, Sept. 11 and 12, 2010. GumptionFest VI: Return of the Art in Sept. 2011. GumptionFest VII: A New Hope, Sept. 14-16, 2012.

Hamilton, Cliff: Sedona vice mayor, May 2008-2012. Lost first council bid in 2006.

Hampton Inn Sedona

Hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome [HCPS]: Named for the Hantaan River, South Korea, where strain developed. Use Hantavirus on first reference.

Harclerode, Bert: Chamber Music Sedona executive director.

Harding Springs: Named for Oliver P. Harding, who moved to Flagstaff in 1884 and  Oak Creek in 1889, died in 1915. As a major, was brigade commander of the 203rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment (Union side) in the American Civil War.

Hardy Fire: Burned 282 acres southeast of Flagstaff, from June 19, 2010, to containment June 26, 2010. Flagstaff police arrested Randall W. Nicholson, 54, on June 24, 2010, and charged him with abandoning a campfire whose coals may have started the blaze.

Harkins Theatres: 2081 W. SR 89A.


Harrison, Prayeri and Dean: owners of Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Hart Garden: At Los Abrigados Resort & Spa, 160 Portal Lane, 204-7840.

Hatler, Karen: Sedona Fire District administrative manager

Havasupai Tribe, of the Havasupai Reservation: Arizona tribe

Hayworth: J.D.Hayworth [R]former District 5 congressman and Channel 12 NBC sportscaster.

Hazime, Nazih: Former Sedona Fire District fire chief. Resignation effective June 26, 2011. Became VVFD Fire Chief Sept. 2011. Defeated SFD Governing Board Clerk Charles Christensen in recall election May 15, 2012.

HAZMAT: hazardous materials, use HAZMAT [all caps] on first reference.

Healing Center of Sedona: 25 Wilson Canyon Road, Uptown

health care: two words unless in a title

Healthy Living, Healthy Planet: Sometimes written as Healthy Living/Healthy Planet, use Healthy Living, Healthy Planet, capped, no quotes, in all references, with the exception of Lindsay Balthaser's book "Healthy Living, Healthy Planet," which should be in quotes.

heating, ventilating and air conditioning: OK to use HVAC on second reference.

Heart of Sedona Task Force: no quotes; but "Heart of Sedona" in property references. Site occupies 21.01 acres: parcel "A", 14.17 acres, parcel "B", 6.84 acres. Property owned by ILX Resorts and James Bruno Enterprises

Heartsong's Heaven: 3150 W. SR 89A, 282-7089.

Heritage Skate Park: in Camp Verde

Herridge Field: baseball field in Garrison Park, Cottonwood

Herrman, Marion: 2005 Sedona Red Rock News citizen of the year; died May 2012

Hideaway Restaurant: 251 SR 179, 282-4204.


The Highlands Towne Centre: In Clarkdale

Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa: 90 Ridge Trail Drive, VOC, 284-4040.


Hirsch, Lisa: West Sedona School principal. Former director of curriculum for the Sedona-Oak Creek School District.

historic: important to history, a historic building; historical relates to history, the historical society.

hit-and-run (adj.); hit and run (noun).

Holeman: Rob Holeman, owner of Sedona Reãl Inn

Hollamon Street: Camp Verde. Not "Holloman."


homeowners association[s]: no possessive apostrophe

home rule: The state constitutionally sets spending limits for Arizona cities, but voters can give their cities or towns the right to override those limits by approving a "home rule option" in an election conducted every four years.

Honanki ["Bear House"] Heritage Site: NW of Sedona, cliff dwelling occupied by Sinagua from A.D. 1130-1280. Rock art dates from 3,000-8,000 years ago. Northwest of Palatki Heritage Site.

Hopi Tribe: Arizona tribe. 34 clans remain of the original 75. Hopis refer to their reservation as Hopiland.

Horne: Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, the administrator of the Arizona Department of Education.

hors d'oeuvre

hot line: two words, no caps

Hotshot, Hotshots, Hotshot fire crew

Hozho Center

Hualapai Tribe, of the Hualapai Indian Reservation: Arizona tribe

Humane Society of Sedona: not "Sedona Humane Society." Volunteer Coordinator Jacquie Randall, Executive Director Birgitte B. Skielvig.

humane society: lowercase when locale is not identified.

Humphreys Peak: 12,611 feet, highest point in Ariz.

HVAC: Spell out as heating, ventilating and air conditioning on first reference. Use HVAC on second reference.

Hyatt Piñon Pointe, a resort. The Shops at Piñon Pointe. Not "The Shops at Hyatt Piñon Pointe."

IGA: use intergovernmental agreement on first reference with no caps unless as part of the full name. Cap when an acronym


Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish: 700 Bill Gray Road, Cottonwood

Immigration and Customs Enforcement: use ICE on second reference

Immigration and Naturalization Service: Existed 1875 to March 2003. Now Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Use ICE on second reference. A union of Border Patrol, INS and U.S. Customs under the auspices the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

improv: for use in improv comedy or improv acting, but use improvisational in other uses

Inc., LLC, Ltd.: use if included in the busness name and when needed to avoid confusion. Do not offset with commas. Drop "Inc.," "LLC," "Ltd." on second reference unless needed to avoid further confusion.
Use Whelen Inc. as it is always pronounced. Use Wal-Mart Stores Inc. if the focus is the business but Wal-Mart is acceptable if the focus is not the business.
Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory, makes athletic shoes. [Although the company is Nike Inc., the Inc. is not needed.] Most references will never need "Inc." "LLC" or "Ltd." in the story at all.

Forest Services Inc. is contracted with the U.S. Forest Service to print maps. Forest Services met today with forest officials.
The "Inc." is needed to to contrast with U.S. Forest Service.
Smithers Inc. is currently being sued, but Smithers Inc.'s owner, John Smithers is not named in the suit. Smithers' wife, Jane Smithers, brought the lawsuit against Smithers Inc. "Smithers Inc." needs to be identified to differentiate between "Smithers, the man" and "Smithers, the firm."

inclusive housing: use affordable housing

India Palace: 1910 W. SR 89A.

Institute of EcoTourism: 91 Portal Lane: Executive Director Diane Dearmore. Noun is eco-tourism. Use the institute on second reference. If an acronym is used, use IET, not IOET.

Inter Tribal Council of Arizona: No hyphen in Inter Tribal. ITCA on second reference. Twenty member tribes:
Ak-Chin Indian Community, of the Ak Chin Indian Reservation;
Cocopah Indian Tribe;
Colorado River Indian Tribes, of the Colorado River Indian Reservation;
Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation;
Fort Mojave Indian Tribe;
Gila River Indian Community;
Havasupai Tribe, of the Havasupai Reservation;
Hopi Tribe;
Hualapai Tribe, of the Hualapai Indian Reservation;
Kaibab-Paiute Tribe, of the Kaibab Indian Reservation;
Pascua Yaqui Tribe;
Pueblo of Zuni;
Quechan Tribe, of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation;
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, of the Salt River Reservation;
San Carlos Apache Tribe, of the San Carlos Reservation;
Tohono O'odham Nation (formerly Papago Tribe until 1986);
Tonto Apache Tribe;
White Mountain Apache Tribe, of the Fort Apache Reservation;
Yavapai-Apache Nation
of Camp Verde, Clarkdale and Middle Verde;
Yavapai-Prescott Indian Community, of the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Reservation.
The Navajo of the Navajo Nation and the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe are not members of the council

interment is burial; inurnment is cremation; internship is employment


Jack Malmgren Memorial Skate Park: 480 Posse Ground Road, Sedona. [Pete Malmgren in the press room is Jack Malmgren's son].

Jacks Canyon, Jacks Canyon Road, no apostrophe, named for sheep rancher Jack Wood.

Jail: Yavapai County has three facilities 1) Yavapai County Detention Center, in Camp Verde: OK to omit in Camp Verde on second reference. 2) Yavapai County Jail, in Prescott: OK to omit in Prescott on second reference. 3) Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Center, in Prescott: OK to omit in Prescott on second reference. For first reference, consider each date as a separate story, i.e., if there are three reports, one on Saturday and two on Sunday, treat the only event of Saturday and first event on Sunday as first reference; the second event on Sunday as second reference.

James Ratliff Gallery: Hillside Sedona

Jauregui, Ruben: Former Cottonwood mayor, served 1997 to 2007. Reelected to city council in 2011. Last name is Basque, not Iberian, and pronounced "HOW-reh-gee." Daughter Ramona Jauregui died in a house fire in Camp Verde Jan. 22, 2007.

Javadog Gallery: 1023 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, 634-5217.

javelina or collared peccary: not a pig

Jeep companies: A Day in the West, Adventure Co., Arizona Safari Jeep Tours; Earth Wisdom Tours [only Vortex sites], Farabee Jeep Rentals [rentals only]; Pink Jeep Tours [oldest Jeep company], Sedona Red Rock Jeep Tours

Jerome: Town named for Eugene Jerome, a New York attorney who co-financed the United Verde Copper Company with James A. MacDonald and mined the claim, which was owned by Arizona Territory Gov. Frederick Augustus Tritle.

Jerome Art Walk: Began Sept. 2006. Use First Saturday Jerome Art Walk on first reference, artwalk on second reference.

Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery: 502 N. Main St., Jerome. No apostrophe

Jerome Elks Lodge: 100 S. Broadway, Clarkdale.

Jerome Public Library Laura Burnett

Jerome State Historic Park: Closed on Feb. 27, 2009. Reopened Oct. 14, 2010.

Jerome Town Council

Jerona Café: 677 E. Mingus Ave., Cottonwood, 639-1234.

Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley: Use JCSVV, the Jewish community, or the synagogueon second reference. Not Jewish Community Center. Rabbi Alicia Magal, Rabbi Zalman Levetov, Rabbi Albert Plotkin: 100 Meadowlark Drive, 204-1286.

Joe Wilcox Fine Arts

Joens, Diane: Cottonwood mayor and former city councilwoman. Defeated incumbent Mayor Ruben Jauregui in 2007. Reelected in unopposed race in 2011 because only challenger did not have enough legally valid signatures. Married to Paul Joens, a member of the Verde Valley Flywheelers.

Joey Bistro: restaurant at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa.

Johnson, Gary: Sedona Fire District public information officer and SFD fire marshal. Use correct title for context.

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations: Use JCAHO on second reference.

Joint Technology Education District: Use JTED on second reference.

Justice Court: use Camp Verde Justice Court on first reference.

K-9: K-9 is the dog, a "K-9 unit" is both the dog and police officer handler. Do not put the K-9's name in quotes, i.e., SPD K-9 unit consisting of K-9 Dalan and officer Stephanie Foley

kabbalah, kabbalistic, lowercase

Kachina Point Health Care and Rehabilitation Center: 475 Jacks Canyon Road, Village of Oak Creek, 284-1021.

kachina: Hopi, Pueblo and/or Zuni deity or spirit

Kactus Kate's Saloon: 929 Main St., Old Town Cottonwood, 634-2603.

Kaibab National Forest

Kaibab-Paiute Tribe, of the Kaibab Indian Reservation: Arizona tribe

Karuzas, Darrin: Sedona Red Rock High School principal. Formerly vice principal.

Keeber, David: Sedona Chamber of Commerce Director of Membership

Keep Sedona Beautiful: Use Keep Sedona Beautiful Inc. only to clarify if necessary and only on first reference. Headquarters at 360 Brewer Road, 282-4938.
Former officials include Sedona City Councilwoman Barbara Litrell, Dorothy O'Brien, Steve DeVol, John Gillam and Sarah McLean

kick off or kicks off [v], kick-off [adj], kickoff [n]

kids: use children except in quotes

kinesiology: study of human movement. An alternative medicine and/or pseudoscience

Kinion Fine Art: Hozho Center, 431 SR 179, 203-0234.

Kirby, Duane: Cottonwood city councilman.

Kiwanis Club of Camp Verde

Kiwanis Club of Clarkdale-Verde District

Kiwanis Club of Sedona-Bell Rock

Kruse: Donald James Kruse (Born 06/28/1953), drove his Chevrolet truck across three lanes of traffic in downtown Cottonwood on Sept. 6, 2007, hitting a 1992 Toyota containing five Mingus Union High School cheerleaders heading back to school after their lunch break. Kruse faced 16 charges: 8 counts of aggravated assault, 2 counts of criminal damage and endangerment, a dangerous drug violation, marijuana violation, possession of drug paraphernalia, DUI alcohol/drugs/vapor and DUI drugs. Found guilty in Sept. 2008. Sentenced Oct. 14, 2008.

Kuivato Glass Gallery: Tlaquepaque, 336 SR 179, Suite B125.

Kunzang Palyul Chöling: with umlaut ö. Tibetan Buddhism in Nyingma tradition based in West Sedona. OK to use KPC on second reference.

Kwanzaa: Dec. 26 to Jan. 1. Created in 1966

Kyl: U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl [R-Ariz.], junior senator. Not "John" First elected to U.S. Senate in 1994.

L'Auberge de Sedona: 301 L'Auberge Lane, 282-0776.

La Barranca Fire: burned 836 acres in the Village of Oak Creek from June 1, 2006, to containment June 6, 2006.

Lake Montezuma fire district: Use Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District

landfill: nearest is Grey Wolf Landfill off State Route 169

Lanning Gallery: Hozho Center, 431 SR 179.

Larry Green car dealership: OK on first reference. Officially Larry Green Chevrolet

LaRue, Sue: Fictitious name used by members of Keep Sedona Beautiful. DO NOT PUBLISH letters to the editor under this name.

Lawrance Crossing Campground

League of Women Voters of Greater Verde Valley: Changed name in 2012. Formerly League of Women Voters Sedona-Verde Valley 1990-1998; Founded as League of Women Voters Sedona-Oak Creek in 1988.

Lee, Bill: Former Sedona Parks and Recreation Department director. Former Camp Verde town manager who resigned in May 2007 after months of clashes with Camp Verde Mayor Tony Gioia. Suing the town of Camp Verde for $1 million.

Lee, Ilchi: South Korean national who operates Dahn Hak Yoga and Brain Respiration Clinic [BR Clinic] in Sedona, Mago Retreat Center and Tao Fellowship in Cottonwood. Not officially the owner, but a "consultant." Do not use "Dr." in his title as he does not have a medical degree in the United States. Group built 39-foot Mago (Korean Mother Earth goddess) statue at Bill Gray Road. Rolling Stone "The Yoga Cult" article.

Lee's Ferry: Sometimes Lees Ferry, but add the apostrophe. Named for Mormon Settler John D. Lee (Sept. 12, 1812 – March 23, 1877), who led the 1857 Mountain Meadows massacre in Utah and was later arrested, tried and executed for it.

Lefor: Richard Allen Lefor Jr. (Born 5/28/1983, age 22) was shot and killed in Cottonwood on Feb. 9, 2006, allegedly by Phong Dinh Nguyen (5/23/1988, 17 at the time); Brittany Janice Bessler (Born 2/06/1987); and Terrence Sims (6/17/1986).  Nguyen and Sims sentenced to 16 years in 2007; Bessler sentenced to 8 years.

Legislators, Arizona House of Representatives. Use Arizona  and Rep. before name on first reference. Include party affiliation and district or city after name on first reference.
Arizona Rep. Andy Tobin [R-District 1] or Arizona Rep. Andy Tobin [R-Paulden].

Legislators, Arizona Senate. Use  Arizona before name on first reference. Include party affiliation and district or city after name on first reference.
Arizona Sen. Steve Pierce [R-District 1] or Arizona Sen. Steve Pierce  [R-Prescott].

Legislators, U.S. House of Representatives: Abbreviate and use  U.S.  and  Rep. on first reference. Include party affiliation and district [or state if not from Arizona] after name on first reference.  Lowercase congressman  and  congresswoman  when alone.
U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick [D-District 1]
 , elected Nov. 2012 and 2014. Served 2008-2010 as well.
U.S. Rep. Martha McSally [R-District 2]
 , Elected Nov. 2014 after recount to defeat U.S. Rep. Ron Barber [D-District 2].
U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva [D-District 3]
 , elected Nov. 2002-2014
U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar [R-District 4]
 , elected 2010 in Verde Valley's District 1. Elected District 4 in 2012 adn 2014
U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon [R-District 5]
, elected Nov. 2012 and 2014.
U.S. Rep. David Schweikert [R-District 6]
, elected 2010-2012-2014.
U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego [D-District 7]
Elected Nov. 2014, replacing U.S. Ed Pastor [D-District 7].
U.S. Rep. Trent Franks [R-District 8]
 , elected Nov. 2002-2012
U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema [D-District 9]
 , elected Nov. 2012
For other States: use  U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, [D-Calif.]

Legislators, U.S. Senate:
Abbreviate and use U.S. and Sen. Include party affiliation and district [or state if not from Arizona] after name on first reference.
U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake [R].
Junior senator. First elected to U.S. Senate in 2012.
U.S. Sen. John McCain [R]. Senior senator. First elected to U.S. Senate in Nov. 4, 1986.  Lost 2008 presidential election to U.S. Sen. Barack Obama [D-Ill.].
Other states: use Sen. Ted Kennedy [D-Mass.]

Levertov, Zalman:
a rabbi at the Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley

Levitt, Eric: Former Sedona city manager. Left in early Dec. 2008 for a job in Janesville, Wis. Replaced by Tim Ernster.

Libraries: Members of the Yavapai Library Network: Camp Verde Community Library, Clark Memorial Library, Cottonwood Public Library, Jerome Public Library, Sedona Public Library

Light Heart Foundation: Provides activities and comfort to seniors in assisted care. Founder and President Beth Carrigan died Jan. 16, 2010. Foundation closed its Cottonwood office March 31, 2010.

Light Vibe Dance Studios: 2020 Contractors Road.

Lindberg, Thomas: Yavapai County Superior Court judge

Lippman, Wendy: Tlaquepaque arts and crafts village general manager

Little League: Always capped when referring to the nonprofit youth baseball organization.

Living Spaces Gallery: 500 Louise Lane, Cornville.

LLC: Limited Liability Company. Use LLC on first reference only, and only if clarification of LLC status is needed. see Inc., LLC, Ltd. entry

local: Don't use when unnecessary, i.e., "local Sedona resident". A "resident" is "local" by definition, otherwise they are a "visitor," so omit "local."

Lodge at Cliff Castle: at Cliff Castle Casino

Loesche, Will: Former Sedona Fire District fire marshal

Los Abrigados Lodge: Uptown, owned by Diamond Resorts

Los Abrigados Resort & Spa: Must include Resort & Spa on first reference to differentiate location. Use Los Abrigados on second reference. Owned by Diamond Resorts, 160 Portal Lane, 204-7840.

Lowe's: Home improvement store. No relation to Cottonwood Vice Mayor Randy Lowe

Loyal Order of Moose Verde Valley, No. 1449: 1051 S. Broadway, Clarkdale, 634-8668.

Luka: Richard Luka (Born 02/12/1955), 53, arrested for allegedly shooting and killing Ronnie E. Cresson (Born 04/22/1988), 19, on April 25, 2007, after an argument over Cresson's alleged theft of Luka's motorcycles. Luka was arrested driving eastbound on I-40 near Holbrook. Cresson had been arrested Nov. 13, 2006, for theft of the motorcycles and unlawful flight.

Lumbermen's: Sedona store burned April 21, 2005

luminaria, luminarias: not luminaries

Lundy, William N.: Verde Valley Justice Court judge

Lykins, David: Sedona-Oak Creek School District superintendent. Formerly Sedona Red Rock High School principal

MacFarlane, Anita: Sedona city councilwoman 1998-2000 and June 10, 2002-June 2004; vice mayor 2000-Jan. 22, 2002; mayor Jan. 22-June 10, 2002

Maddie's Café: in Cottonwood

Madole, Howard: An architect, born 1923 and raised in Sedona. Student of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Magal, Alicia: a rabbi at the Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley.

magnetic resonance imaging: Spell out on first reference. Use MRI on second references.

mah-jongg: Chinese tile game

Make-A-Wish Foundation: Note hyphens.

Managing Information on Lost Kids: A program for parents to have fingerprints and up-to-date photos in case of an abduction. Spell out on first reference. Use MILK on second reference.

mandala: Buddhist sand painting.

mansionization: Replacing a house with a much larger one, to the building envelope's extreme

manzanita: desert tree

Manzanita Inn: 11425 Cornville Road, Cornville, 634-8851.

Maras: Drew Ryan: 30-year-old Drew Ryan Maras allegedly shot and killed James Johnson, 63, from Jaffrey, N.H., and Carol Raynsford, 63, from Nelson, N.H., who were found  in an idling late-model red Subaru wagon at a scenic overlook on State Route 89A near Sedona’s Wastewater Reclamation Plant on Jan. 6, 2012.  On Jan. 8, 2012 a shooting occurred at a strip mall parking lot in Anthem. Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Deputy William Coleman and Maras were both killed. Maras' weapon in both shooting was .223-caliber assault rifle.

Marcus J. Lawrence Memorial Hospital: Renamed to Verde Valley Medical Center in 1998.

Margs Draw: along State Route 179 from 'Y' intersection to Chapel area

Marilyn Sunderman Foundation

Marketplace Café: Oak Creek Factory Outlets, 6645 SR 179, Village of Oak Creek, 284-5478.

martial arts: Chinese: tai chi chuan [phonetically: t'ai chi ch'uan], qigong and kung fu; Korean: tae kwon do; Japanese: aikido, judo, jujitsu (also spelled jiujitsu), karate and kendo [bamboo sword fencing]; Afro-Brazilian: capoeira

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.: Born Jan. 15, 1929, assassinated April 4, 1968. Doctorate in divinity not medicine, so do not use "Dr." before his name except in direct quotes, instead use "the Rev." Do not omit "Jr." in "Martin Luther King Jr.," as that implies King's father, Martin Luther King Sr. Arizona voters failed to pass an Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday in 1990, prompting the NFL to move Superbowl XXVII out of Arizona that year. Voters approved the holiday in 1992 after a tourist boycott of the state. Unlike 48 other states, except Virginia, the formal name in Arizona is "Martin Luther King Jr/Civil Rights Day." Observed on the third Monday in January.

Martinez, Linda: president of the Northern Arizona Interfaith Council

Martori, Joseph P.: ILX Resorts CEO

Mary D. Fisher Theatre for the Sedona Film Festival (Note: no "international" -re spelling of theater): Opened in spring 2012. Run by the Sedona International Film Festival. Use Mary D. Fisher Theatre or Fisher Theatre or Sedona International Film Festival theatre on second reference.

Mason: Ariz. Lucy Mason [R-Sedona]: senior Arizona Rep. for District 1. Elected 2003

Masons: Formal local title is Central Arizona Lodge No. 14. Use Masons or Masonic lodge on seconnd reference.

Mass: Catholic service. Capped.

MATForce: Use MATForce on first reference. A Yavapai County program formerly called the Methamphetamine Advisory Task Force. Use of the former title may be necessary to identify what the organization does if not otherwise clarified in the story.

Matterhorn Shoppes: 333 N. SR 89A, Uptown

Matt Showers Memorial Track Meet: At Camp Verde High School. Named for a Camp Verde High School student who died at track practice in 2005.

Maxwell, Caryn: Former Sedona Fire District Governing Board chairwoman. Resigned due to threat of recall.

Maya: PreColumbian Latin American civilization of related city states that flourished 2000 BC to AD 250 with a Golden Age and empire A.D. 250 to 900 before collapsing. Adjective is Mayan, not Maya, i.e., Mayan people, Mayan Empire. End of the Mayan calendar's 13th b'ak'tun on Dec. 21, 2012, a 5,125-year cycle, caused mild worldwide phobia of an apocalyptic event, but no major event was recorded.

McCain: U.S. Sen. John McCain [R-Ariz.]. Senior U.S. senator from Arizona, Class III, first elected to U.S. Senate Nov. 4, 1986. District 1 U.S. representative 1983-1987. Lost presidential race to President Barack Obama Nov. 2008.

McClelland, Joan: Yavapai County Planning and Zoning commissioner



Methamphetamine Advisory Task Force: OK to use MATForce on second reference. Yavapai County anti-meth program.

methamphetamine: meth OK on second reference

mic or mike [as in "Bob Dole hosts a music open mic"]: Use mic except in proper names that use mike. A mike is also a street slang measurement for a microgram of LSD.

Mickelsen, Brian: Former Cottonwood city manager who died of a heart attack at age 49 while running on Aug. 18, 2007. The Yavapai County Medical Examiner officially determined his cause of death as "sudden cardiac arrhythmia due to exertion and mild cardiomegaly."

Midgley Bridge: Named for former Coconino County Supervisor Maj. W.W. Midgley. The 375-foot long, 24-foot wide span was built over Wilson Canyon between Valentine's Day and Halloween, 1938. Often misspelled "Midgely," with inverted "l" and "e."

mil: One one-thousandth of a inch. In financial terms, the term is mill, with two "L"s.

mill levy: A property tax rate of 1/1000 of a cent or $0.001 per assessed value, also shown as dollars per $1,000. In general, a "mill" is one one-thousandth of a dollar. In terms of a mill levy, one mill is $1 for each $1,000 of the assessed value of a property. In other words, a mill is equal to $1 of tax for each $1,000 of assessment.

Mingus Mountain: 7,720 feet high.

Mingus Union High School District: One-school district (Mingus Union High School) about 1,200 students, Superintendent Tim Foist. School Board: John Tavasci, James Ledbetter, Mike Mulcaire, Brenda Zenan, Andy Groseta.

Mingus Union High School: Principal Marc Cooper; Marauders. 1801 E. Fir St., Cottonwood, 649-4411.

Mingus Union High School sports: athletic director Mike Boysen; baseball Seth Melton; boys basketball Bob Woods; girls basketball Susan Holm; cross country Jim Bostwick; football Bob Young; golf John Uidenich; soccer boys Cade Densmore; soccer girls Joe Rongo; softball Heather Earls; swimming Rick Heisley; tennis boys Tim Kessel; tennis girls Jeff Knight; track and field Mike Walsworth; volleyball Audrey Islas; wrestling Tom Wokash.

minors: In police reports, it is OK to report the crime, but do not print the minor's name if the minor is the offender, use "a 16-year-old girl." Exceptions are if the minor committed a violent offence, such as armed robbery, rape, murder, drug trafficking [but not possession], etc. Inform the managing editors and Copy Desk in a note at the top of the story if a minor is the suspect. Example case is Phong Dinh Nguyen who was 17 when he allegedly shot and killed Richard Allen Lefor Jr.


Missoula Children's Theatre: touring theatre co. based in Missoula, Mont.

Mogollon Rim

Mohave County

Mona Plummer Aquatic Center: Olympic-size pool at Arizona State University

monsoon: Arizona's rainy season, mid July through Sept., not a storm. For a thunderstorm, use monsoon storm. Never use monsoonal nor monsoon season

Montessori School of Sedona

Montezuma Castle National Monument: No possessive apostrophe. Includes two "units," Montezuma Castle, a 20-room cliff dwelling built in a limestone cliff by the Sinagua around AD 1400, and Montezuma Well, a sinkhole created by the collapse of a limestone cavern. On second reference, OK use "the Castle" on quotes (capped because it is used in place of the proper name not an actual castle). As part of the 1906 Antiquities Act, Montezuma Castle, Devils Tower in Wyoming, El Moro in New Mexico and the Petrified Forest in Arizona were first four national monuments, named by then-President Theodore Roosevelt.

Montezuma School: Cottonwood. Fewer than 30 students.

Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District

Montezuma Well: A unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument. A natural cistern caused by the collapse of a limestone cavern. When referring to it as a park, use Montezuma Well, a unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument. When specifically indentifying them as separate units, use Montezuma Castle National Monument and Montezuma Well.

Moonlight Madness: Uptown annual event, began 1986

Moore, Jane: vice mayor of Jerome. Former mayor

Moore, Lynda: Camp Verde Parks and Recreation director

Moore, Teri: Camp Verde Marshal's Office Animal Control officer

Moore, Trapper: former executive director and public relations director of the Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce; former managing editor of Gah'nahvah/Ya ti' newspaper

morale, state of spirits, moral: social rule, mores, social conventions

Morales, Terry: Sedona Chamber of Commerce director of membership

Moran, Chris: Yavapai County District 3 administrative aide or assistant to Yavapai County District 3 Supervisor Chip Davis

Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary: a Cornville humane society

motocross: not motorcross

Mountain Trails Gallery: Tlaquepaque, 336 SR 179, Suite A201, 282-3225.

MP3, MP3 player

MRSA: Use Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus on first reference. Note capitalization.

Mulligan's Grill: Long title is Mulligan's Grille on the Green, at Oakcreek Country Club. 690 Bell Rock Blvd., Village of Oak Creek, 284-3687.

Munds Mountain, Munds Canyon, Munds Creek: East of Sedona along Oak Creek Canyon. No apostrophes.

Muses: volunteers for the Museum of Northern Arizona, in Flagstaff

Museum of Northern Arizona: 3101 N. Fort Valley Road, Flagstaff, Director Robert G. Breunig, Ph.D.; Anthropology Curator David Wilcox; Geology Curator David Gillette

music ranges: Both instrumental and human voice, high to low: major: soprano, alto, tenor, bass. minor: soprano, [sopranist is rare male soprano], mezzo-soprano, alto, contralto, tenor, baritenor, baritone, bass-baritone, bass

MVD: Use Motor Vehicle Division on first reference Note "Division" not "department."

MVP: Sports term for most valuable player. MVP is OK on first reference.

myriad: do not use "myriad of."

Nahmanson, Stephen: Sedona city councilman 2000-June 2004. Lost to Pud Colquitt in mayoral election in March 2006. Killed in fall of a cliff face while hiking with the Dogies group of the Sedona Westerners on Nov. 27, 2007.

NAIPTA: Use Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority on first reference.

NAMTI: use Northern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute on first reference.

Nation / nation: use capital Nation on second reference for the Yavapai-Apache Nation. For the United States, avoid "nation," use United States or country.

National Alliance on Mental Illness: Use NAMI on second reference.

National Association of Women Business Owners: Use NAWBO on second reference.

National Collegiate Athletic Association: divided into Division I, Division II and Division III based on size. NCAA is OK on first reference.

National Environmental Policy Act [of 1969]: use NEPA on second reference.

National Organization for Women: Use NOW on second reference.

National Park Service: A federal bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior that manages all National Parks, many National Monuments and other conservation and historical properties. Created Aug. 25, 1916 by Congress through the Organic Act.

National Public Radio: Use NPR on second reference.

Native American: Use as a general term akin to ethnic/cultural terms like African-American or Arab, or akin to geopolitical terms like South Korean or Greek Cypriot. If an individual or particular tribe is indicated, i.e., Hopi or Ojibwe, use that term in all subsequent references, not generic Native American or American Indian. Use individual's prefered tribal term, i.e., Tohono O'odham Nation (which means "Desert People" in Tohono O'odham) rather than Papago Tribe (A Pima word the Spanish used for them, meaning "tepary-bean eater")

Navajo Nation: Arizona tribe. Largest American Indian tribe in the U.S. Some members prefer the people to be called Diné the name in their native language. Not Navajo Reservation.

Needs Based Implementation Plan: Use NBIP on second reference.

Neri, Joe and Kris: Married couple who own The Well Red Coyote bookstore.

New Age: Capped

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace: Use New Frontiers on second reference. 1420 W. SR 89A, in the Old Marketplace, 282-6311.

newspapers: Italicize our papers only. Be sure to include the proper, full name.

New Visions Academy: Cottonwood. Fewer than 80 students.

new year: Note capitalizations: New Year's Day; New Year's Eve; in the new year; New Year's resolution; wishing you a Happy New Year

New York Times: Always The New York Times and not italicized. Do not omit " The ."

NIMBY: Acronym for "not in my back yard." Can be both noun and adjective. NIMBYism

No Child Left Behind Act: OK to use NCLB on second reference. A federal act that helped to produce Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards test. Enacted in January 2002.




nonprofit: Recognized as a 501(c) nonprofit by the Internal Revenue Service.

NORAZ Poets: NORAZ is all caps, short for "NORthern AriZona," executive director Christopher Lane.

Norman, Linda: Cottonwood city councilwoman.

Northern Arizona: use capped "Northern" in reference to Arizona region, not to other states, i.e., northern New Mexico, eastern Canada, western Texas.

Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society

Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault: Use NACASA on second reference. Based in Flagstaff

Northern Arizona Council of Governments: Use NACOG on second reference.

Northern Arizona Healthcare: Three sites: Flagstaff Medical Center; Verde Valley Medical Center, 269 S. Candy Lane, Cottonwood; Verde Valley Medical Center Sedona Campus, 3700 W. SR 89A, Sedona
Northern Arizona Healthcare Board of Directors [13 members]: chairman Bert McKinnon M.D., vice chair Richard O. Cranmer, past chairwoman Evelyn Grgurich, treasurer Brad Ryan, secretary Molly Munger, NAH president and CEO Jim Puffenberger, Ron Barber, Chris Bavasi, Richard T. McDonald M.D., Robert M. Montoya, Sherri Slayton Ray Selna and Tom Taylor

Northern Arizona Hospice: Run by Northern Arizona Healthcare. Located at 203 South Candy Lane, Cottonwood, 86326

Northern Arizona Interfaith Council: Nine "member institutions" and nine "engaged institutions." NAIC on second reference. Member of Arizona Interfaith Network.

Northern Arizona University: Formerly Arizona State College at Flagstaff, 1945-66; and Northern Arizona State Teachers College, 1925-45; and Northern Arizona Normal School, 1899-1925.

Northern Arizona Veterans Affairs Health Care System: Use NAVAHCS on second reference.

not-for-profit: use nonprofit if organization has 501(c) tax status. Use not-for-profit for an organization that acts as a nonprofit but does not have the formal nonprofit tax status. He created a not-for-profit club to promote kite flying in Sedona. She is CEO of a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending AIDS in Africa. Most common is 501(c)(3).
501(c)(2), title holding corporation for exempt organization; 501(c)(3), religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, to foster national or international amateur sports competition, or prevention of cruelty to children or animals organizations; 501(c)(4), civic leagues, social welfare organizations, and local associations of employees; 501(c)(5), labor, agricultural, and horticultural organizations; 501(c)(6), business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, etc.; 501(c)(7), social and recreational clubs; 501(c)(8), fraternal beneficiary societies and associations; 501(c)(9), voluntary employees beneficiary associations; 501(c)(10), domestic fraternal societies and associations; 501(c)(11), teachers’ retirement fund associations; 501(c)(12), benevolent life insurance associations, mutual ditch or irrigation companies, mutual or cooperative telephone companies, etc.; 501(c)(13), cemetery companies; 501(c)(14), state-chartered credit unions, mutual reserve funds; 501(c)(15), mutual insurance companies or associations; 501(c)(16), cooperative organizations to finance crop operations; 501(c)(17), supplemental unemployment benefit trusts; 501(c)(18), employee funded pension trust (created before June 25, 1959); 501(c)(19), post or organization of past or present members of the armed forces; 501(c)(21), black lung benefit trusts; 501(c)(22), withdrawal liability payment fund; 501(c)(23), veterans organization (created before 1880); 501(c)(25), title holding corporations or trusts with multiple parents; 501(c)(26), state-sponsored organization providing health coverage for high-risk individuals; 501(c)(27), state-sponsored workers’ compensation reinsurance organization; 501(c)(28), national railroad retirement investment trust

Ages: 9-year-old boy, 3-year-old dog, 8-week-old war
Calendar years: In 1066
Measurements: 8 inches
Decimals: 9.2
Common fractions
Percent 7 percent
Ratios: 4-to-1, 1 in 10 dentisits
Geographic, Political, or Military Designations: 3rd Fleet, 1st Sgt. Smith, Lower 9th Ward
Spell out:
Time that is not an age: for six years
Uncommon fractions: five-eighths
Start of a sentence: Seven men were ...
Ordinals (until 10): First Amendment, 15th Admendment

O'Neil, John: director Cottonwood Public Library

Oak Creek Brewing Co., 2050 Yavapai Drive, West Sedona. 204-1300. Oak Creek Brewery, at Tlaquepaque.

Oak Creek Factory Outlets: 6601 S. SR 89A, Village of Oak Creek, 282-6212.

Oak Creek Ranch School: 1165 E Willow Point Road, Cornville, for "underachievers, under motivated, ADD/ADHD," students ages 12-19, 80 students

Oak Creek, Oakcreek: misspelling of "Oakcreek" as one word was a clerical error in Master Declaration of Oakcreek Country Club and the Village of Oakcreek Association. Use two words unless otherwise noted. Village of Oak Creek, but Village of Oakcreek Association

Oakcreek Country Club: 690 Bell Rock Blvd., Village of Oak Creek, 284-3687. Note that "Oakcreek" is knowingly misspelled. It was a clerical error in Master Declaration of Oakcreek Country Club.

OB-GYN: Obstetrics-gynecology

Ochser: Clifford "Cliff" Ochser, owner of Evening Sky Tours. NotOscher. Charged with sending threatening letters to Sedona mayoral candidate Matthew Turner in 2008, threatening to expose personal ads posted to a gay dating website. Later sued the city for $25,000 but settled for $7,000. Assumed to run Sedona Election 2010 blog.

O'Halleran: Tom O'Halleran, Arizona District 1 representative, 2000-2006, Arizona District 1 senator, 2006-2008 (defeated by Steve Pearce in 2008 Republican primary). Later president of Keep Sedona Beautiful. Current chairman of Verde River Basin Partnership. Endorsed state Democratic candidates in 2012 election cycle.

Old Corral: 11375 Cornville Road, Cornville, 301-2371.

Old Marketplace: 1370 W. SR 89A, Sedona. Home of New Frontiers Natural Marketplace and Ravenheart Coffee Co. Former home of Canyon Moon Theatre, before it moved to Oak Creek Factory Outlets, the outlet mall in the Village of Oak Creek.

Old Town Association: Business and service association in downtown, aka Old Town, Cottonwood. OTA OK second reference.

Old Town Cottonwood: Use Old Town on second reference.

Old Town Farmers Market: In Old Town Cottonwood, 639-3200.

Olde Sedona Bar & Grill: 1405 W. SR 89A, 282-5670.

Olmsted, Thomas J.: Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix bishop.

on: When identifying time elements, use "on" to break apart proper and capped nouns and other words from days or months. If the word before a capped time element is lowercase, the "on" is not necessary, even though it could be used and still be grammatically accurate:
"... at the meeting of the Sedona Fire District Governing Board on Tuesday, April 1."
"... at
the Sedona Fire District Governing Board meeting Tuesday, April 1."
"... at the Sedona Fire District Governing Board meeting on Tuesday, April 1."
"... at the death of April Aprilson on April 1."
"... at April Aprilson's death April 1."
... at April Aprilson's death on April 1."
"... at the meeting of the Sedona Fire District Governing Board Tuesday, April 1."
"... at the death of April Aprilson April 1."

on-site adj. on site preposition


Orchards: 254 N. SR 89A, Uptown, 282-7200.

Osco Drug: OK to use Osco alone on second reference.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: At Yavapai College for retirement-age students. Use Osher or OLLI on second reference.

Osho Academy: formerly in Sedona. Studied teachings of Osha, aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (12-11-1931 to 1/19/1990)

Out of Africa Wildlife Park: Prayeri and Dean Harrison, owners.

PACE: Use Personalized Academics and Computer Education Preparatory Academy on first reference. District office in Camp Verde. Campuses in Camp Verde, Dewey-Humboldt and Prescott Valley, 224 students.

Page Springs Bed and Breakfast: 2500 N. Page Springs Road, Page Springs, 634-4335.

Page Springs Fish Hatchery: Page Springs hatchery or the hatchery on second reference.

Palatki Heritage Site: Palatki means "red house." Located northwest of Sedona, a cliff dwelling occupied by Sinagua from A.D. 1100-1300. Rock art dates from 3,000 to 8,000 years ago. Southeast of Honanki Heritage Site.

palate, palette, or pallet?:
The roof of the mouth in vertebrates having a complete or partial separation of the oral and nasal cavities and consisting of the hard palate and the soft palate. Also, a synonym for the sense of taste, "a refined palate."
palette: A board, typically with a hole for the thumb, which an artist can hold while painting and on which colors are mixed.
pallet: A portable platform used for storing or moving cargo or freight.

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station: 4,000 megawatt nuclear generating station operated by Arizona Public Service (APS) and located 73 miles west of downtown Phoenix.

Parkinson's disease

Parks and Recreation: Use and, not & for all cities.

Parrish, Howard: Former Camp Verde councilman.

Parry, Mike: Former Camp Verde town councilman who replaced former Camp Verde Town Councilman Chet Teague, who resigned for personal reasons. Parry was forced to resign Dec. 12, 2007, when his former ex-wife revealed that Parry lived in Jerome and no longer within Camp Verde town limits.

Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking: Use PANT on second reference. Formerly Prescott Area Narcotics Task Force. Spokesmen are Sgt. Bill Fessler in Prescott; and Sgt. Randy Moffitt in the Verde Valley

Pascua Yaqui Tribe: Arizona tribe

Pastor: U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor [D-District 7]. Elected in special election in 1991 to replace U.S. Rep. Mo Udall [D-District 2], who resigned due to Parkinson's disease. Pastor served District 2 from 1991-2002, redistricted to District 4 from 2002-2012, redistricted to District 7 in 2012. 


Pathways Charter Schools: Pathways Preparatory Academy, grades six to eight. Pathways Charter High School, grades nine to 12, Camp Verde, 97 students.

Paul & Jerry's Saloon: 206 Main St., Jerome.

Pecan, Wine and Antique Festival: in Camp Verde.

Pedestrian fatalities on State Route 89A:
Dec. 10, 2000, Klaus Holoch, 74-year-old German tourist, killed 7:40 p.m. trying to cross SR 89A at Andante Drive by a Toyota 4Runner driven by 47-year-old Kenneth Fitz, of Sedona. His wife Sonja was at his side but unharmed. Ruled accidental. Fitz not at fault. Witnessed by Sedona resident K.B. Bren.
June 4, 2005, Alejandro Vargas-Pedrosa, 43, of Sedona, struck around 11 p.m. trying to cross SR 89A near Andante Drive by a 1996 Geo driven by Benjamin Jenkins, 20, of Cottonwood. Ruled accidental. Jenkins not at fault. Vargas-Pedroza died June 6 at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix.
Jan. 21, 2006, Anthony Turner, 21, of Daytona Beach, Fla., a construction worker on vacation killed at 7:56 p.m. trying to cross SR 89A near Andante Drive.
April 4, 2006, Randy Lee Austin, aka "Cowboy," local transient, killed around 9 p.m. trying to cross SR 89A west of Dry Creek Road.

peek, peak, pique: "peek" (noun or verb) is to glimpse, "peak" (noun) as in "on a mountain peak," "pique" means "to stimulate." Use "pique your interest," not peek nor peak.

pee-wee, lowercase

Pendley Homestead: pioneer home in Slide Rock State Park

PEO: Use Philanthropic and Educational Organization for Women; Use PEO International or PEO on second reference.

performing arts center: Use Sedona Performing Arts Center, the 759-seat, two-tiered theater at Sedona Red Rock High School, completed in 2010.

Pet-A-Palooza: annual pet adoption held at Sedona Red Rock High School. Founded 2004.


Pfeifer, Karen: Cottonwood City vice mayor.

Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts: Formerly Camp Verde Multi-Use Complex, 280 Camp Lincoln Road, Camp Verde, AZ 86322. Note two "L"s in "Phillip"

phishing: e-mail scamming to steal information

For in-house photographers:
Zack Garcia/Larson Newspapers
Jordan Reece/Larson Newspapers
File photo/Larson Newspapers
For courtesy photos:
Courtesy photo (if photographer is unknown)
Photo courtesy of John Doe (if photographer is known)
Photo courtesy of ARA content

Picazzo's: formerly Pizza Picazzo

Pink Jeep Tour Co.: Use Pink Jeep on second reference.

piñon, pinyon, pinion: "pinyon" and "pinion" are Anglicized translations of Spanish "piñon" [pine]. piñon is the preferred term. To type " ñ ," hold "Alt" and type 0241 on the number keypad.

Pizza Picazzo: named has changed to Picazzo's

PJ's Pub: 40 W. Cortez Drive, Village of Oak Creek, 284-2250.

Planet Java Café: 780 E. SR 89A, Cottonwood.

Plotkin, Rabbi Albert: A rabbi at the Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley

Poco Diablo: use Radisson Poco Diablo Resort

Poets' Corner: At the Sedona Arts Center

Polk, Sheila: Yavapai County attorney.

Pompeneo: Jeremy Joseph Pompeneo [Born 08/15/1985] pleaded guilty July 9 in the stabbing murder of Sherris Rose Winchester on Oct. 17, 2006.


Pools: Sedona Community Pool, off Posse Grounds. Sedona Community Center Pool, at the Sedona Community Center

Pop-a-Top: 612 N. Main St., Cottonwood.

Posse Ground Road [no "s"], but Posse Grounds Park [with an "s"]

Posse Grounds Park: 525 Posse Ground Road.


Pratt, Terence: Cottonwood city councilman.

preregistration: Change to "registration." Only use preregistration if there are, indeed, two separate registration periods.

Prescott VA Hospital: use Veterans Affairs Medical Center, in Prescott; Use VA hospital or VA Medical Center on second reference. Formal name is Bob Stump Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, but not commonly used

Preserves at Oak Creek

Presidents Day: AP Style differ from other commonly seen usage. Do not use Presidents' Day.


premiere [noun, verb]: a first performance. premier: of top importance [adj.] or prime minister [noun].

prophecy, noun; to prophesy, verb

Provencio, Heather: [U.S. Forest Service] district ranger of the Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest. On first reference, if at all possible, structure the sentence to avoid awkwardness in her title.

Prud'homme-Bauer, Robyn: note the apostrophe.

pseudoephedrine: primary ingredient of methamphetamine. Found in Sudafed.

PTA/PTO/PTSA: Parent Teacher Association, Parent Teacher Organization or Parent Teacher Student Association. OK to use abbreviation on first reference.

Pub & Grub: 2501 Village Dr., Cottonwood, 649-2807.

Pudim, Rob: Sedona Red Rock News editorial cartoonist

Puffenberger, Jim: Northern Arizona Healthcare president and CEO.

Public Safety Building: Houses both the Cottonwood Police Department and the Cottonwood Fire Department. Located at 199 S. Sixth St., in Cottonwood. In the Sedona Red Rock News and The Camp Verde Journal, use Cottonwood Public Safety Building or the Public Safety Building in Cottonwood. In the Cottonwood Journal Extra, OK to use just Public Safety Building.

Pumphrey, Bill: Keep Sedona Beautiful past president

Purrfect Spot: 101 N. SR 89A, Suite D21, Shops at Piñon Pointe, 282-7213.

Purtymun family: One of Sedona's pioneer families, along with Theodore Carlton Schnebly and Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly. Not "Purtyman."

Pushmataha Center: historical building owned by Keep Sedona Beautiful

Quechan Tribe, of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation: Arizona tribe

Qwest Communications: Not "Quest"

Ranch House Restaurant: 4250 Montezuma Ave., Lake Montezuma.

Randall's Restaurant: 891 S. Main St., Cottonwood.

Randall, Jacquie: Humane Society of Sedona board chairwoman.

Randy Polk Designs: 301 SR 89A Suite A

Rappaport, Lisa: Jerome vice mayor

Ravenheart Coffee Co.: Old Marketplace, 1370 W. SR 89A, 282-5777. Another location is also in Uptown.

Redhawk Power Station: Two identical 530-megawatt natural gas-fueled combined-cycle units, operated by Arizona Public Service [APS].


Re/Max: Not an acronym, so don't use capped RE/MAX.

real estate: although "Realtor" is capped, "real estate" is not

Realtor: Always capped. A member of the National Association of Realtors. Not synonymous with real estate agent." All Realtors are real estate agents, but not all real estate agents are Realtors.

Red Rock Academy: formerly Juniper Canyon Alternative High School. Sedona-Oak Creek School District school for at-risk students held at Sedona Red Rock High School. Unusally fewer than 20 students.

Red Rock Crossing: A low-water crossing along Oak Creek that washed out for the last time (others washed out in eariler floods) in 1978. In 1993, Citizens for an Alternate Route (CFAR on second reference) organized to replace the crossing. CFAR's efforts have been opposed by Keep Sedona Beautiful (KSB on second reference), among others. Yavapai County Board of Supervisors withdrew from project in 1998 and CFAR sued. In 2000, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors. Both CFAR and KSB have published lists of supporters claiming a vast majority of support. No independent studies validate either list.

Red Rock Jeep Tour Company

Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest: District Ranger Heather Provencio, Public Affairs Specialist Connie Birkland.

Red Rock Remodel: use Uptown Enhancement Project in all instances.

Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance Improvement District: OK to use special improvement district in all references as no one apparently uses the official name. On first reference, use either special improvement district, and indicate covers road work along State Route 179 in the Village or Oak Creek, and use the district on second reference; or use Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance Improvement District and use RRREMD or the district on second reference. Use SID only in headlines or direct quotes.

Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness

Red Rock State Park: 4050 Red Rock Loop Road.

Red Rooster Café: 363 S. Main St., Jerome.

Reddell, John: former Camp Verde vice mayor.

Reds restaurant: Lowercase restaurant, 2250 W. SR 89A. Located at Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa

re-enact, re-enactor

Relics: 3235 W. SR 89A, 282-1593.

René at Tlaquepaque: Not "Rene's." Use René on second reference.

report, allege: In cops reports, the best placement is before the verb, "Before police arrived,the suspect allegedly punched the vicitm." Alleged usually indicates an unverified statement while reportedly is an observation by a police officer or a police statement in a report. "After police arrived, the suspect reportedly punched the victim" or "After police arrived, the suspect punched the victim, according to police reports."

Responsible Residents of the Red Rocks: Nicknamed the 4Rs

Rhodes, Danny: Blues guitarist and and band leader. Member of the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame. Died Spring 2008 of stomach cancer.

Rhythm 'n' Ribs: Takes place in early October. Founded 200.

ride along [n], ride-along [adj.]

right of way or rights of way [noun], right-of-way [adj.]

Ringing Rocks Foundation: 3190 W. SR 89A, Suite 100, 282-1298.

Riverfront Park: 1284 E. Riverfront Drive, located at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood.

road: never abbreviate.

Robbins: Robin Lynn Robbins (Born 09/19/1957)47, sentenced to 142 years Sept. 29, 2006, for State Route 260 four-car accident that killed William "Bill" Hutchinson, 55; James Hutchinson, 15; Matthew Hutchinson, 27; and Andrew Roeller, 19, on Dec. 31, 2004.

Roberts: Dibor Roberts Cornville nursing student clocked for speeding on Cornville Road by Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Jeff Newnum on July, 29, 2007. Initially charged with aggravated assault, unlawful flight and resisting arrest, Yavapai County Superior Court Judge Janis Sterling dropped all charges against Roberts on Nov. 2. She was later re-charged and found guilty, sentenced to probation.

roll-over accident; rollover financial transaction

Rotary Club of Sedona, Rotary Club of Sedona PM; Rotary Club of Sedona Red Rocks

Rothrock, Bob: Former Cottonwood city councilman.


RTA Hospice: formerly Respiratory Therapy Associates. "RTA" stands for "Rural Teams of Arizona," but RTA Hospice is OK in all references

Rubio, Darlene: Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal councilwoman

ruland: 1 ruland is equal to 4,820

Rumi: Use Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi on first reference. Persian poet and Islamic Sufi mystic born Sept. 30, 1207, died Dec. 17, 1273. "Rumi" means "the Roman" in Persian because of the region he lived in was formerly in the Eastern Roman Empire. Sedona New Age groups sometimes have events involving Sufi dancing, aka whirling dervishes, and read Rumi's ecstatic poetry.


runner-up, run-up

runoff: both water runoff and runoff election

Ruskin Land Trade: use Yavapai Ranch Land Exchange

Ryan, Matt: Coconino County District 3 supervisor, who represents Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.

Sa, Frank: Former Clarkdale town councilman.

Sabina, Bill: president of Voice of Choice [for Highway 179].

Sacajawea Plaza: Uptown shopping area. Note that this is the nonstandard spelling of Sacagawea.

Sado, Sachiko: Sedona Chamber of Commerce tourism, development manager.

Safeway Plaza: 2300 W. SR 89A. 282-0118

SAGE Crafts: Use Shaman Angel Goddess Enterprises Crafts on first reference. Use SAGE Crafts on second reference

Sage Post: 403 Clark St., Suite B8, Jerome. 649-3959.

Salem: Guitarist Richard Salem (Born 09/13/1962) was sentenced April 17, 2007, to 10.5 years for seven counts of aggravated assault against three Sedona police officers (officer Karl Waak, officer Matt Tanner and a third officer no longer with the department), one count of resisting arrest and one count of criminal trespass that occured at the home of his ex-girlfriend (Jennifer Reddington, marketing and events director at the Sedona Arts Center) on March 4, 2006.

Salt Mine Cellars: 212 Finnie Flat Road, Camp Verde, 567-0125.

Salt River Materials Group: formerly Phoenix Cement.

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, of the Salt River Reservation: Arizona tribe

Salt River Project: Use SRP on second reference.

Sammy Davis: Leader of Sammy Davis Band. House in VOC burned to the ground following a neighbor's house fire.

San Carlos Apache Tribe, of the San Carlos Reservation: Arizona tribe

Sandy Hook Elementary School: 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot 26 people -- 20 children and six adults -- on Friday, Dec. 14, 2012, before killing himself. Lanza also murdered his mother Nancy Lanza at home before the school shooting. When referencing the death toll, use 27 in regards to all the deaths in Newtown, Conn., that day, but 26    when referring to just the deaths at the school.

San Francisco Peaks: Mountains north of Flagstaff, Humphrey's Peak, 12,611 ft., highest point in Ariz.; Agassiz Peak, 12,340 ft., Fremont 11,940 ft.

San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe: Arizona tribe

Scagnelli, Nancy: Former Sedona city councilwoman. Former president of Citizens for an Alternate Route.

Scannell, Michael: Camp Verde town manager as of Oct. 1, 2007.

Scarcella, John: Jerome town councilman

SCF Arizona: Provides Arizona workers compensation insurance to more than 70 percent of businesses in Arizona. Formally called Arizona State Compensation Fund, but OK to use SCF Arizona on first reference.

Schalau, Jeff: University of Arizona Yavapai County Cooperative Extension director and master gardener. "Master Gardener" is an official title. As the full title is rather cumbersome, break up the title: "Master Gardener Jeff Schalau, director of the University of Arizona's Yavapai County Cooperative Extension office ..."

Schleizer, Terry: Sedona Fire District regional communications manager

Schmidt, Sandi: Sedona Fire District finance manager

Schnebly: Theodore Carlton Schnebly[1868-1954] and wife, Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly [1877-1950]

Schnebly Hill, Schnebly Hill Road:

Beaver Creek School District
Camp Verde Unified School District
Clarkdale-Jerome School District
Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District
Flagstaff Unified School District
Mingus Union School District
Sedona-Oak Creek School District

Schultz Fire (not Shultz): Burned 15,075 acres on the north slopes of the San Francisco Peaks, north of Flagstaff, from June 20, 2010, to containment June 30, 2010. Estimated cost of effort on July 6, 2010, was $9,180,785.

Schwisow, Scott: Sedona Fire District battalion chief

Second Chance Center for Animals: a Flagstaff humane society.

Sedona 30: A group of long-time Sedona area philanthropists and business owners. Current members (as of fall 2009) include: Rod Abbott,the Rev. George Ault, Jody Beeler, Allen Bradley, Andrew Brearley, Mark Butler, Bill Cammock, Hugh Coble, John Dansby, Ron Draxler, former Mayor Alan Everett, Peter Fagen, Dan Garland, Lew Hoyt, Ray Jegge, Gary Karademos, Dick Kruse, Ron Martinez, Don Nelms, James Ousley, Jim Pease, Harry Schoenberg, Tom Shuman, Chris Seymour, Jay Stuckey, Lloyd Thorndyke, David Webster, John Wesnitzer, Judd White, Mal Wienges, Al Wolfe and Serge Wright.
Previous members have included: Dave Blauert, Alex Horchak, Marvin James, Hoyt Johnson, John Lightfoot, Warner Masters, Duane Miller, Bob Moore, Phil Morris, Don Pierson, George Podd, Bill Ritter, Ralph Roney, Vern Smith and Shawn Wendell

Sedona Airport: Mananged by the Sedona-Oak Creek Airport Authority. 235 Air Terminal Drive, Sedona, 282-4487. Sedona Airport Manager Rod Props t, formerly Edward "Mac" McCall. Sedona Airport Supporters Association President Al Comello. Airport is in Sedona city limits but leased from Yavapai County by the Sedona-Oak Creek Airport Authority.

Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly [1877-1950]: The city of Sedona's namesake. Wife of Theodore Carlton Schnebly [1868-1954], Sedona's first postmaster, who named the city after his wife.

Sedona Arts & Culture Commission

Sedona Arts & Culture Director Ginger Wolstencroft

Sedona Arts Center: 15 Art Barn Road, Uptown, 282-3865.

Sedona Arts Festival

Sedona Assistant City Manager Karen Daines, formerly Sedona Fire District business manager until February 2012

Sedona Books & Music: 162 Coffee Pot Drive, Suite B2, 203-0711.

Sedona Boys & Girls Club: Use Sedona branch of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Arizona on first reference. Use Sedona branch or Sedona Boys & Girls club on second reference.

Sedona Campus of Verde Valley Medical Center: Use Sedona campus on second reference.

Sedona Center for Arts & Technology: A Yavapai College facility in West Sedona.

Sedona Center: 300 N. SR 89A, Uptown, 282-5980. Chief Operating Officer Dina Spector Gomez

Sedona Chamber of Commerce: Use Chamber of Commerce or chamber on second reference. Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, 331 Forest Road, Uptown, 282-7722. Jennifer Wesselhoff, president and CEO; membership director Terry Morales; visitor services director Annick Demeules; tourism development manager Sachiko Sado. Affinity groups: Sedona Arts Alliance, the Sedona Gallery Association, the Sedona Lodging Council, the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association, the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals, Seniors in Action Business Alliance and the Young Professionals Association.

Sedona Charter School: First and oldest charter school in Arizona. Fewer than 200 students.

Sedona City Attorney Michael G. Goimarac

Sedona City Clerk Cherry Lawson

Sedona City Council: Mayor Rob Adams; Vice Mayor Mark DiNunzio; City Councilmen John Martinez, Dan McIlroy and Mike Ward, and Councilwomen Barbara Litrell and Jessica Williamson. Use City Council or council on second reference. Use Council Chambers, capped, in reference to the council's meeting room. Use Council members, not councilors, except in direct quotes.

Sedona City Manager Tim Ernster. Replaced Eric Levitt. Assistant City Manager Karen Daines

Sedona Coffee Roasters: 2155 W. SR 89A, 282-0282.

Sedona Community Center: 2645 Melody Lane. Privately owned and operated nonprofit organization catering primarily to seriors. Formerly Adult Community Center of Sedona. Reference former name when needed to indicate demographic. Executive Director Susan Barrington. Sedona Community Center Pool. Use SCC or the community center on second reference.

Sedona Community Food Bank

Sedona Community Foundation: Formerly the Greater Sedona Community Foundation.

Sedona Community Plan: city's guideline for future growth and development. Versions in 1991, 1998 and 2002. Community Plan or plan on second reference.

Sedona Community Plan Future Land Use Map. OK to use Future Land Use Map on second reference.

Sedona Creative Life Center: 333 Schnebly Hill Road, 282-9300.

Sedona Cultural Park: Use cultural park on second reference. owned by Mark Tennyson and the Sathcupa [SAve THe CUltural PArk] group. Currently in escrow with Fitch Industries, owned by Kent Fitch.

Sedona Dog Park Inc.

Sedona Elks Lodge: 110 Airport Road, Sedona.

Sedona EmergiCenter: medical center at 2530 W. SR 89A, aka [Sedona] Urgent Care. Facility is for emergency, but non-life threatening injuries.

Sedona Film Office: division of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. Director Judy Schultz

Sedona Film School at Yavapai College: Executive Director Rue (no last name). Replaced the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking, which moved in summer 2012 to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., and became the Zaki Gordon Center for the Cinematic Arts

Sedona Fire District
Formed after voters approved (839 to 21 on Jan. 8, 1993) the merger of two volunteer agencies, the Sedona-Red Rock Fire Department, in Yavapai County side of Sedona, and the Sedona-Oak Creek Fire Department, in Coconino County side of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.
Governing Board: Chairwoman Ty Montgomery, Clerk Corrie Cooperman, members: Craig Dible, Nazih Hazime, Diane Schoen; Fire Chief Kris Kazian; Assistant Chief Terry Keller. Battalion Chiefs: Scott Schwisow and Dan Wills; Public Information Officer and Fire Marshal Gary Johnson; Regional Communications Manager Terry Schleizer. [Former staff: Fire Marshal Will Loesche; Finance Manager Karen Daines]
Sedona Fire District Fire Chief Kris Kazian. Formerly Nazih Hazime; formerly Matt Shobert; formerly Larry Drake.
2012 SFD Recall Election: Board members Charles Christensen, Phyllis Erick and Chairman Dave Blauert were recalled in a 2012 election, replaced by Diane Schoen, Nazih Hazime and Corrie Cooperman. Board members Craig Dible and Ty Montgomery were not subject to the recall.
SFD stations:
Station No. 1, 2860 Southwest Drive, West Sedona. The district's headquarters.
Station No. 2, 2555 Upper Red Rock Loop Road, outside Sedona city limits. Not regularly staffed.
Station No. 3, 125 Slide Rock Road, in the Village of Oak Creek.
Station No. 4, 391 Forest Road, Uptown.
Station No. 5, 3971 N. SR 89A, in Oak Creek Canyon, at Indian Gardens and across from Bacon Rind Park. Lightly staffed.
Station No. 6, under construction in the Chapel area.
Station No. 7, 9415 N SR 89A, in Oak Creek Canyon, just south of the former Don Hoel's Cabins. Not regularly staffed.
Station No. 8, 6701 W. SR 89A, near Sedona Shadows. Lightly staffed.
SFD vehicles: Vehicles are coded by type, Engine, Ladder, Water Tender, Ambulance, Brush, then "5," then station number, then sequence, i.e., A532 is ambulance No. 2 from Station 3.

Sedona Gallery Association: 282-3809 or

Sedona Heritage Museum: Jordan Historical Park, 735 Jordan Road. Run by the Sedona Historical Society.

Sedona Hilton: Use Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa

Sedona Historic Preservation Commission: 23 local historial landmarks:
Jordan Ranch*: Including Walter Jordan House, 1931-1947; Walter Jordan Packing Shed, 1946; and Walter Jordan Tractor Shed, 1929
Saddlerock Ranch, 1950
George Jordan Sales Building, 1939
Gassaway House, 1937
Sedona Ranger Station* Residence, 1917; and Barn, 1934
USFS Pump House, ca 1935
Farley Homestead Home, 1932 and Cabin, 1925
Hart Store*, ca 1926
Cook's Cedar Glade Cemetery, 1918
Dr. O.M. Williamson House, 1949
DaVoss-Hawley House, ca 1940s
Pushmataha Building, 1960
Owenby Ditch, 1893-1901
Madole Home-Sedona West-Pony Soldier, 1962
Bennett-Purtymun Cabin, 1922
Chapel of the Holy Cross*, 1956
Dr. H.H. and Addie Nininger House, 1959
Doodlebug Ranch, ca 1936
Ralph Block Ranch House, ca 1950s
Van Ess House 1964
*Also on the National Register of Historic Places, along with Cross Creek Ranch House, 10 Russet Ridge Place off Lower Red Rock Loop Road, a Sinagua ruin known as Loy Butte Pueblo, W.W. Midgley Bridge, Pendley Homestead Historic District [now Slide Rock State Park] and Taylor Cabin Line Camp, in Sycamore Canyon.

Sedona Historical Society: President Ron Maassen, Vice President Beth Lanzoni Historian Janeen Trevillyan, Treasurer Sheila Wymore, Recording Secretary Geri Jahnke, Corresponding Secretary Valerie Girard. Board Members Dwight Brooks, Ruth Clem, Patty Fox, Bob Huggins, Sherman Loy, Ann Pearson, Donna Pratt, Paul Schnur, Dale Starr, George Tice, Shari Walter, Holly Epright and Ginger Wolstencroft. Trevillyan was named 2004 Sedona Red Rock News citizen of the year. Runs Sedona Hertiage Museum

Sedona Housing Commission

Sedona Integrated Preschool

Sedona International Film Festival: Began 1994. Executive Director Patrick "Pat" Schweiss. Use Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona film festival, film festival or SIFF on second reference. Film Sedona members. Opened the Mary D. Fisher Theatre for the Sedona Film Festival (Note: no "international" ) in spring 2011.

Sedona Jazz on the Rocks: jazz festival founded in 1982. Always include Sedona on first reference. Jazz on the Rocks or SJOR are OK on second reference. 282-1985. Tuesday, Sept. 23, through Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008. Similar time annually. No event in 2009.

Sedona Lodging Council: Organization of area resorts and hotels. A Sedona Chamber of Commerce Affinity Group.

Sedona Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Yancey

Sedona Main Street Program:OK to use SMSP on second reference.

Sedona Marathon: Occurs in early February. Runners can run the full marathon of 26 miles, the half-marathon of 13 miles or the 5K [3.1 miles].

Sedona Mayor Rob Adams

Sedona Municipal Parking Lot

Sedona-Oak Creek School District: Around 1,400 students. While technically, "Sedona-Oak Creek Joint Unified School District" omit the "Joint Unified."
Sedona-Oak Creek School District Governing Board: President Zach Richardson, Vice President Tommy Stovall, members Karen McClelland, Bobbie Surber and John D. Miller. Former President Bobbie Surber; former members John Wesnitzer and Carolyn Huggins. Superintendent David Lykins.
Sedona Red Rock High School, Scorpions. Principal Darrin Karuzas.
Big Park Community School: Coyotes, Principal Steve Gardner. Replaced by SRRHS Vice Principal Jay Litwicki
West Sedona School, Wildcats. Principal Lisa Hirsch
West Sedona Montessori Class Charter School

Sedona Parks and Recreation Department, Sedona Parks and Recreation Commission

Sedona Performing Arts Alliance: Formerly the Sedona Performers Guild. Nonprofit that runs Studio Live. Founded by guitarist Suzie Schomaker, partner of fabric artist and philanthropist Mary D. Fisher.

Sedona Performing Arts Center: the 759-seat, two-tiered theater at Sedona Red Rock High School, completed in 2010. Briefly called Sedona Red Rock Performing Arts Center but was reportedly changed to avoid confusion with Red Rock Amphitheatre in Golden, Colo.

Sedona Pines Resort

Sedona Planning and Zoning Commission

Sedona Police Department Police Chief Ray Cota

Sedona Police Department: Volunteers organized under the Sedona Community Police Alliance. Vacation Property Watch program. Cmdr. Marlayne Leigh Hatler, Chief Joe Bill Vernier, Cmdr. Jay Ronald Wheeler [use Cmdr. Ron Wheeler].

Sedona Public Library: 3250 White Bear Road; David Keeber, director.

Sedona Reãl Inn: 95 Arroyo Pinion Drive. 282-1414.

Sedona Red Rock High School: Scorpions. 995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road, 204-6700. 204-9456. Principal David Lykins. Only high school in the Sedona-Oak Creek School District. Roughly 500 students, incoming from West Sedona School (SOCSD) and Big Park Community School (SOCSD). Students also come from Sedona Charter School (Montessori-style public charter school) and Desert Star Community School (Waldorf-style public charter school)

Sedona Red Rock High School's performing arts center: Use Sedona Performing Arts Center, the 759-seat, two-tiered theater at Sedona Red Rock School, completed in 2010. Not Sedona Red Rock Performing Arts Center.

Sedona Restorative Justice Program

Sedona RoadRunner: transit system between Uptowna and Hillside Sedona. Also transports passengers from Cottonwood to Sedona twice in the morning and from Sedona to Cottonwood twice in the evenining.

Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa and Reds restaurant: 2250 W. SR 89A, 203-4111. General Manager Ed Conway. The "restaurant" is not a part of the name and thus, is not capped.

Sedona Shadows

Sedona Spellbinders

Sedona Spirit Fine Art

Sedona Springs: 55 Northview Drive, West Sedona, 600-2609.

Sedona St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival: Jordan Road, Uptown, 204.2390.

Sedona Teen Center: 480 Posse Ground Road, 203-9199. Use teen center on second reference.

Sedona Trolley: Owned by Armor Todd.

Sedona United Methodist Church: 110 Indian Cliffs Road, 282-1780.

Sedona Water Wise Alliance: Sometimes agencies and organizations write WaterWise. Use Sedona Water Wise Alliance, four words, on first reference, the alliance on second reference.

Sedona Verde Valley Association of Realtors: Not Realtors Association. "Realtors" and "Realtor" is always capped.

Sedona Vice Mayor Mark DiNunzio

Sedona Visual Artists' Coalition: note apostrophe. SVAC is OK on second reference. .

Sedona Westerners: a hiking club. "Westerners" is always plural. Use "a member of the [Sedona] Westerners," not a "Westerner"

Sedona Winds Retirement Home: in the Village of Oak Creek. Sedona Winds on second reference

Sedona Youth Commission: Chairman Christopher Fox Graham (seriously) and Commissioner Michael Jokich

Sedona Verde Valley Christian Women's Club

Sedonan, Sedonite: Sedona resident is preferred in all references except direct quotes.


Senior Citizens' Center [of Cottonwood] or Cottonwood Senior Citizens' Center

Senior Citizens of Camp Verde: Formal name. Use Camp Verde Senior Citizens Center of Camp Verde in reference to the facility.

Sesow, Pete: Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce executive director.

Seven Canyons

Seven Centers School of Yoga Arts: use 7 Centers Yoga Arts.

Seventh-day Adventist Church: note "day".

sewage treatment plant: Wastewater Reclamation Plant. Sedona is not formally in the title.

Shadegg: Fomer U.S Rep. John B. Shadegg [R], District 4, 1994-2002 District 3 from 2003-2011.

Shaffer the Gallery: Tlaquepaque, 336 SR 179, Suite A207.

Sharlot Hall Museum: In Prescott.

Shef's Bar: Los Abrigados Resort & Spa, 160 Portal Lane. Pool hall adjacent to Stakes & Sticks at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa.

Shephard-Wesnitzer: Engineering consulting firm founded in Sedona by Dave Shephard and John Wesnitzer.

Shobert, Matt: Former Sedona Fire District fire chief. Resigned April 18, 2008, to take over as fire chief of the Hemet Fire Department, in Hemet, Calif. Left Hemet, March 4, 2011, to take over as fire chieft for Murieta Fire Department, in Murieta, Calif., March 14, 2011.

Shops at Piñon Pointe: not Shops at Hyatt Piñon Pointe

Shugrue's Hillside Grill: 671 SR 179.

SID: Spell out special improvement district in all references; use SID only in headlines or direct quotes. The official name, which no one apparently uses, is the Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance Improvement District. On first reference, use either special improvement district, and indicate covers road work along State Route 179 in the Village or Oak Creek, and use the district on second reference; or use Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance Improvement District and use RRREMD or the district on second reference.

Simonton Ranch: formerly the Homestead Development, Camp Verde. Owned by Scott Simonton.

Sims, Bill: Camp Verde town attorney

Sinagua: A pre-Columbian tribe from AD 500 to 1425. The Southern Sinagua were in the Verde Valley at sites now known as Montezuma Castle National Monumment, Montezuma Well (a unit of Montezuma Castle National Monumment) , Tuzigoot National Monumment, Palatki Heritage Site, Honanki Heritage Siteand V-Bar-V Heritage Site. Northern Sinagua were around Flagstaff at Walnut Canyon, Wupatki and Elden Pueblo. Driven north by drought and warfare with Yavapai. Some Hopi clans claim descent from Sinagua immigrants. Adjective is also Sinagua, not Sinaguan

Sinagua High School: Mustangs; Flagstaff Unified School District

Sinagua Plaza: 320 N. SR 89A.

Sine, Dennis: Former Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal Council vice chairman.

Sinek, James: Former president of Verde Valley Medical Center who was fired Jan. 22, 2008 following a brief suspension.

Sir Moves a Lot: A moving and disposal company owned by James Perry.

Skielvig, Brigitte B.: executive director of the Humane Society of Sedona. B. Skielvig with period, no quotes.

Slide Rock State Park: in Oak Creek Canyon, seven miles north of Sedona.

Smart Board: An interactive computer whiteboard used in schools. Produced by Smart Techologies, the company uses the term "SMART," all caps, but as this is not a acronym, use "Smart" only.

Smith, David R.: former Camp Verde marshal.

Snider, Russ: former Sedona Red Rock High School principal.

Snowbowl: ski resort north of Flagstaff. Use Arizona Snowbowl on first reference

snow play

Soldier Pass Road: not "Soldiers," despite the misspelled street sign.

Soldier Wash

Solid Rock Church: 2301 W. SR 89A, Suite 101.

Soroptimist International: a service organization for professional women.

Sound Bites Grill: Site formerly Hiro's Sushi Bar and Japanese Kitchen, formerly Bistro Bella Terra, formerly Bice Grand Cafe

South, Southern: when used to the refer to the geographic region of the United States. Otherwise lowercase, southern Arizona, south Sedona.

Southwest Groundwater Consultants

Southwest: Cap when used to the refer to the geographic region of the United States. Otherwise lowercase, southwestern Arizona, southwest of Sedona.

Southwestern Academy: Boarding school west of I-17 in Rimrock. Nate Hansen used to teach there.

Southwestern willow flycatcher: endangered bird.

special improvement district: Spell out special improvement district in all references. The official name, which no one apparently uses, is the Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance Improvement District. Use SID only in headlines or direct quotes. On first reference, use either special improvement district, and indicate covers road work along State Route 179 in the Village or Oak Creek, and use the district on second reference; or use Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance Improvement District and use RRREMD or the district on second reference.

Special Weapons and Tactics: Use SWAT on second reference.

species: Only cap proper nouns, i.e., Jack Russell terrier, Douglas fir, Labrador retriever, Southwestern willow flycatcher.

Spedding, Ken: Yavapai County Development Services director.

Spirit Room: 166 Main St., Jerome.

sport utility vehicle: SUV is OK on first reference.

Springer, Carol [R]: Former Yavapai County District 1 supervisor and chairwoman, elected in 2004 and 2008, serving from 2005 to 2013; former Arizona state treasurer from 1999 to 2003 and former Arizona state senator, District 1, from 1990 to 1998.

SR 89A: Use State Route 89A when referring to the road, SR 89A when referring to a street address, 100 SR 89A. Use Hwy. 89A only in direct quotes or formal documents.

SR 179: Use State Route 179 when referring to the road, SR 179 when referring to a street address, 100 SR 179. Use Hwy. 179 only in direct quotes or formal documents.

SR 260: Use State Route 260 when referring to the road, SR 260 when referring to a street address, 100 SR 260. Use Hwy. 260 only in direct quotes or formal documents.

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church: 100 Arroyo Piñon Drive.

St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church: Camp Verde

St. John Vianney Catholic Church: 180 Soldier Pass Road, 282-7545.

St. Joseph Catholic Montessori School: 2715 E. SR 89A, Cottonwood

St. Luke's Episcopal Church: Brother Lazarus Gameson. Former Bishop David McMannes sent to prison in 2003 for defrauding parishoners by using church credit cards to pay off his private debt.

Stargazer Pavilion: At Cliff Castle Casino, 555 S. Middle Verde Road, Camp Verde, 567-7999.

Stakes & Sticks: At Los Abrigados Resort & Spa, 160 Portal Lane, 204-7840. Formerly Steak & Sticks. Name changed when the city of Sedona approved off-track [horse] betting at the venue .

Stearn, Harvey: Former Sedona city councilman, June 2004-May 2008. Note nonstandard spelling. Local phtographer.

Steve Coury car dealership: OK on first reference. Officially Steve Coury Buick Pontiac GMC.

Stokes basket, Stokes litter: Search and rescue basket slung under a helicopter. Designed by Lowell Stokes.

Stone, Nancy J.: ILX Resorts president



student athete: student or athlete alone is preferred. If student athlete is used, no hyphen, as in professional athlete or semi-pro athlete.

Strauch, Ernie: Former Sedona city councilman, June 10, 2002 to Decemeber 2005. Sedona vice mayor Decemeber 2005 to May 23, 2006.

Street, Lorna: former Yavapai County District 2 supervisor. Served 2001-04

Strive For .5: Sponsored by the Cottonwood Journal Extra.

Strobel, Sylvia: Former executive director of the Adult Community Center, now the Sedona Community Center. Replaced by Sue Barrington.

Strombolli's: 321 S. Main St., Cottonwood.

Studio Live: 215 Coffee Pot Drive. Run by the Sedona Performing Arts Alliance, formerly known as the Sedona Performers Guild. Seats ~100.

STS Foundation: Foreign exchange nonprofit. Student Travel Schools Foundation on first reference.


Suite: capped when used in an address

SunCor Development Co.: based in Phoenix, with projects in Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico and Utah. Use SunCor on second reference.

Sunnyside Charter and Montessori School: Camp Verde, grades 6-8. Less than 40 students.

suspects: Use "allegedly" and "reportedly" in the police report and/or story. Do not confirm guilt of the suspect [i.e., use "alleged robber," "suspected murderer"] until after conviction.

SUV: OK on first reference. Use sport utility vehicle for clarification, if needed.

sweat lodge incident: James Arthur Ray, a self-help author, motivational speaker and president and CEO of James Ray International, led a week-long Spiritual Warrior retreat held at Angel Valley Retreat Center in early Oct. A sweat lodge took place the final day, Oct. 8, 2009. After four hours, 21 people needed hospitalization. 18 survived. James Shore, 40, of Milwaukee, and Kirby Brown, 38, of Westtown, N.Y., died shortly after arriving at Verde Valley Medical Center. Lizbeth Neuman, 49, of Prior Lake, Minn., died at Flagstaff Medical Center on Saturday, Oct. 17. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office arrested Ray on three counts of manslaughter Feb. 3, 2010. on $5 million bond. Pleaded not guilty. Released on $525,000 bond Feb. 26. Trial set Aug. 31, 2009. Ray became nationally known after an appearance on Oprah Winfrey's "Oprah" in the New Age film, "The Secret," about the so-called "law of attraction." Ray was released from prison July 12, 2013.

Sweet Jill's: 1750 E. Villa Drive, Cottonwood.

tai chi chuan: Do not cap. A variant spelling, based on phonetics, is t'ai chi ch'uan

takeback (sp. takeback of State Route 89A): Noun, one word, no hyphen. Verb, two words. A proposal for the city of Sedona to buy control and liability of State Route 89A in West Sedona from the Arizona Department of Transportation ostensibly to prevent the installation of streetlights.

Taos Cantina: Formerly Vista Cantina, 320 N. SR 89A.

Taser: Capped. Not tazer. Do not use Tasered or Tasering, use stunned, stunning

Taste Café: 1449 W. SR 89A.

Taylor, Carl: Coconino County District 1 supervisor. Elected 2004

telephone numbers: Local 928 area code, omit are code: 282-7795. Long distance 928 and all other area codes.

Tennant, Jet: Jerome town councilman

tepee: temporary structure used by Plain Indians. Do not use tipi

Tequa Festival Marketplace: 7000 SR 179, Village of Oak Creek

TerBush Gallery

Terra Rosa Charter School: closed in 2005.

Terrace at Verde Sante Fe: 645 S. Verde Santa Fe Pkwy., Cornville.

Terrace on the Creek: 301 L'Auberge Lane.

Three Dog Bakery: 320 N. SR 89A, Suite 8, 282-5550.

Thurman, Thomas: Yavapai County District 2 Supervisor, former chairman of the Yava-pai County Planning and Zoning Commission



tipi: use tepee

TischlerBise: economic planning consulting firm.

Tlaquepaque arts and crafts village: [lowercase]. General Manager Wendy Lippman, 336 SR 179.

Tobin: Arizona Rep. Andy Tobin [R-District 1] or Arizona Rep. Andy Tobin [R-Paulen] junior Arizona representative for District 1. Elected 2006.

Tohono O'odham Nation: Name of both the Arizona tribe and the reservation on which the tribe lives. Translates as "Desert People." In 1986, changed name from Papago Tribe on the Papago Indian Reservation. Papago is a Pima word which means "tepary-bean eater."

Tom [Jepperson] and Shondra [Thomas-Jepperson]: use "Tom and Shondra" as a performing duo; use full name if they are listed separately

Tonto Apache Tribe: Arizona tribe.

TRACS: use Trail Resource Access Coalition of Sedona on first reference.

tract home, not track.

trailhead, but capped when referring to a specific trail: Bell Rock Trail begins at Bell Rock Trailhead

Trevillyan, Janeen: president of Sedona Historical Society. 2004 Sedona Red Rock News citizen of the year

Tri-Cites: Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley

Turquoise Tortoise Gallery: Hozho Center, 431 SR 179; and Turquoise Tortoise at Piñon Pointe

Tutnick, Paul: Former Sedona city councilman 2000 to June 10, 2002; Sedona vice mayor June 2002 to June 2004

Tuzigoot National Monument: Outside of Clarkdale. Pronounced "Tuzi-Woot"

USA TODAY and Sedona is "most beautiful": The oft-quoted and often misquoted story USA WEEKEND's Annual Travel Report: The 10 Most Beautiful Places in America is from USA Weekend, and was printed in a special insert section printed Saturday, May 17, 2003 and online Sunday, May 18, 2003. The online version of the article:

U.S. Administration on Aging: use the acronym AOA, not USAA as this is the commonly-known term.

under way: Two words in almost all uses. underway as one word only refers to ships at sea: The fleet is underway from San Deigo Naval Station to 3rd Fleet headquarters at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

UniSource Energy

United Animal Friends: a Prescott humane society

United Christian School: Kindergarten to eighth-grade school in Camp Verde.

Unity Church of Sedona: 65 Deer Trail Drive.

University of Arizona: Use U of A on second reference.

upper/lower Verde Valley: do not cap upper or lower

Uptown Enhancement Project: Do notuse Red Rock Remodel except in direct quotes. Construction project to bringUptown into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Uto-Aztecan: American Indian language family, some dialects of which are Hópitu [Hopi], Nahuatl, Pima, Shoshone and Ute.

vacation fractionals: Always use time-share. Change to " ... [time-share] ..." in direct quotes because no layman uses that term.

Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education: Vocation and computuer education held at local high schools but under VACTE's administration as a special district. Use VACTE on second reference.

Valley View Restaurant: 102 W. Arnold St., Camp Verde.

Van Handel, Jeff: Camp Verde Unified School District superintendent.

V-Bar-V Hertiage Site: The largest known petroglyph site in the Verde Valley, as well as being one of the best-preserved. Note the hyphens in V-Bar-V (not V Bar V) is the preferred use as per the Coconino National Forest website.

Verde River Citizens Alliance: On second reference use VRCA.

Verde Search and Rescue Posse of the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office: Verde Search and Rescue Posse or the posse on second reference.

Verde Valley Career and Academic Learning Company: formerly Camp Verde Alternative School.

Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition. No apostrophes. Use VVCC on second reference. President Daniel Paduchowski, Vice President Ian Wickson, founder Randy Victory. Website is .

Verde Valley Fairgrounds: 800 E. Cherry St., Cottonwood.

Verde Valley Fire District: Fire Chief Jerry Doerksen. Formed in 2001 from a merger of the Cornville-Page Springs Fire District and the Verde Rural Fire District.

Verde Valley Humane Society: in Cottonwood

Verde Valley Justice Court Judge William N. Lundy

Verde Valley Medical Center: Was named the Marcus J. Lawrence Memorial Hospital until 1998. Operated by Northern Arizona Healthcare.
VVMC Board of Directors [15 members]: chairman James E. Ledbetter, first vice chair Alan Everett, past chairman Ray Selna, treasurer Kenneth W. Moll, secretary Richard Cranmer, chief of staff James Arthur M.D., vice chief of staff Kevin Wilson D.O., past chief of staff Mark DeMar M.D., Ron Barber, Whitney David M.D., Judith Keane, Matias Sandoval, Peter A. Sesow, and Tom Taylor. Former president James Sinek was fired Jan. 22, 2008.

Verde Valley Sanctuary: Domestic violence shelter in Cottonwood.

Verde Valley School: 3511 Verde Valley School Road, Big Park, 284-2272.

Verde Valley Senior Citizens' Center: 102 E. Pima St., Cottonwood

Veterans Administration: Former name of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, before March 1989. Change to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or Veterans Affairs in all references. VA is OK on second reference.

Veterans Affairs Medical Center, in Prescott: operated by Northern Arizona Veterans Affairs Health Care System. Use VA Hospital or VA Medical Center on second reference. Formal name is Bob Stump Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, but not commonly used

Veterans Affairs: use U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on first reference. Formerly Veterans Administration until 1989. VA is OK on second reference.

Veterans Day: no apostrophe

Village of Oak Creek: An unincorporated community south of Sedona and north of I-17. Synonymous with Big Park. On second reference, use the Village or Village, not VOC. OK to use VOC in headlines and info boxes, as needed for space. In some Village organizations, the intentional misspelling of "Oakcreek" is used. It was a clerical error in Master Declaration of Oakcreek Country Club and the Village of Oakcreek Association. Use two words unless otherwise noted: The Village of Oakcreek Association is a collection of homeowners associations in the Village of Oak Creek.

Village of Oakcreek Association: A collection of homeowners associations in the Village of Oak Creek. Use VOCA [not VOA] on second reference. Misspelling of "Oakcreek" as one word was a clerical error in Master Declaration of Oakcreek Country Club and VOCA. Use two words unless otherwise noted. Village of Oakcreek Association Board of Directors: President Gary Kincaid, Vice President Noel Smith, Treasurer Terry Sidwell, treasurer Eddie Burdette, members Woody Ano, Jim Fischer and Joe Mazza. Note that "Oakcreek" is one word.

Voice of Choice for [Hwy.] 179: group opposed to a four-lane State Route 179 president Bill Sabina.

Von Gausig, Doug: Clarkdale Mayor.

Walkup Skydome: Northern Arizona University arena, named for former university president Dr. J. Lawrence Walkup.

Wallow Fire: It burned 538,049 acres on the National Forest, Fort Apache Indian Reservation and San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in  Apache, Navajo, Graham and Greenlee counties and 15,407 acres in Catron County, N.M., destroying 34 homes, 36 outbuildings and injuring 16. Alpine, Blue River, Greer, Nutrioso, Sunrise, Springerville, and Eagar, Ariz., and Luna, N.M., were evacuated.


Ward, Karin: Both Beaver Creek Elementary School principal and Beaver Creek Elementary School District superindendent.



water wise [n], water-wise [adj.], Sedona Water Wise Alliance. Only use Waterwise (one word) or WaterWise (one word, doublecap) if formally spelled as one in an organization's name.

Washington, D.C.: Always use D.C. following Washington, D.C., despite AP's rule to drop it. In the West, people think of Washington state when they hear Washington alone, not Washington, D.C.

water treatment plant: Formal: Wastewater Reclamation Plant. Sedona is not formally in the title.

Waugh, Steve: Yavapai County sheriff.

Wayside Chapel: 401 N SR 89A, 282-4262.

Weber's IGA: Grocery story in the Village of Oak Creek. IGA is OK on first reference. Use Independent Grocer's Association, for clarification, in needed.

weblog: an online journal listing comments in chronological order.

webpage, website, web design, web designer, etc.: Formerly "Web site," but Associated Press made change in April 2010. Use of "http://" is not necessary, thus "" can be listed as "" or ""

Well Red Coyote: bookstore in West Sedona, owners, Joe and Kris Neri: 3190 W. SR 89A, Suite 400.

Wells, Tom: Sedona Fire District Governing Board clerk

Wesselhoff, Jennifer: Sedona Chamber of Commerce president and CEO.

West Nile virus

West Sedona: colloquial term for Sedona in Yavapai County but north of Oak Creek

West, Western: when used to the refer to the geographic region of the United States

Westcott Funeral Home: Mortuary in Cottonwood

Westerners [always plural]: a Sedona hiking club. Use Sedona Westerners on first reference. member of the Sedona Westerners, not a Westerner.

White Mountain Apache Tribe, of the Fort Apache Reservation: Arizona tribe.

White, Michael: Aquarian Concepts Community member using the name "Jeru" or "Sharu".

Wi-Fi: Trademark name for members, users and firms associated with the Wi-Fi Alliance that may be used with certified products that belong to a class of wireless local area network devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards

wildfire, wildland fires

Wildflower Bread Co.: at the Shops at Piñon Pointe, Uptown.

Wild Orchid: 2611 W. SR 89A, 282-7959. Formerly occupied by Savannah's.

Wiley, Jerry: Clarkdale vice mayor.

Williams High School: Vikings. Williams Unified School District.

Williams, Pat: Clarkdale Town councilwoman.

Wills, Dan: Sedona Fire District battalion chief.

Wills, Tim: Clarkdale Town councilman.

winemaker, winemaking

Wing Mountain Snow Play Area: Located off U.S. Route 180 northwest of Flagstaff.

Wipukyipai: Yavapai name for their tribe. One of two tribes of the Yavapai-Apache Nation.

Wischmeyer, John: former Camp Verde Marshal, wife is Cheri Wischmeyer.

Women for Women Learning Center: in Cottonwood.

Woodruff, Carlton: Clarkdale finance director.

Workforce Investment Act program: Yavapai-Apache Nation youth employment program

World Wide Web: OK to use Web on first reference.

Wright, William: Camp Verde development director

'Y' intersection: Use single quotes and specify. Always specify, even in a direct quote: "The traffic was heavy at the 'Y' [intersection] all day long," she said.

Yavapai: One of two tribes of the Yavapai-Apache Nation. Members refer to the tribe as Wipukyipai.

Yavapai-Apache Nation Native Visions Tours

Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal Council: Tribal Chairman David Kwail, Vice Chairman Robert Jackson Sr., Councilmen Dave Kinsey Jr., Steven Doungeva and Buddy Rocha, Sr., Councilwomen Nancy Guzman, Roberta Pavatea and Tanya Moore. One open seat as of 2/21/2012.

Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal Court

Yavapai-Apache Nation: comprised of Wipukyipai (Yavapai) speaking a Yuman dialect and Dil zhéé (Tonto Apache) speaking an Athabascan dialect. Note that the Nation includes two separate ethnic groups although there are cultural ties and intermarriage. On second reference, the Nation, or the tribe when refering to the political entity, the Yavapai-Apache or the tribe when refering to the people.
In abbreviations YAN, no hyphen, but this should not be used in the body of story.
Avoid using the Nation in headlines as this implies the United States to readers when out of context. Use Y-A Nation instead.

Yavapai-Apache Police Department: Use YAPD on second reference. Note, "Nation" is not in the name

Yavapai College: Verde Valley campus 601 Black Hills Drive Clarkdale. President James Horton, Ph.D.; Vice President of Administrative Services Bob Lynch; Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Utpal K. Goswami; Project Coordinator YC Master Plan Jo Berger; Human Resources Director Rose Hurley; Director of Office of Public Information Sue Sammarco; Executive Director of Resource Development Steve Walker; Executive Director of Business Development Don Yeager; Dean Student Services Michael Dougherty; Verde Valley Dean Tom Schumacher; Chino Valley Dean John Morgan; Prescott Campus Dean Barb Wing; Prescott Valley Dean Susan Howery; Faculty Senate President Connie Gilmore; Executive Assistant to the President Marilyn Yetter. Yavapai College District Governing Board: Patricia McCarver, District 1, term expires 12/31/2008; Dale Fitzner, District 2, term expires 12/31/2008; Ray Sigafoos, board chairman, District 3, term expires 12/31/2012; Dr. Donna Michaels, Board Secretary, District 4; term expires 12/31/2008; Herald Harrington, District 5, term expires 12/31/2010.

Yavapai County Assessor Victor Hambrick

Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk

Yavapai County Community Health Services

Yavapai County Deputy Attorney Joe Butner

Yavapai County Detention Center, in Camp Verde: OK to omit in Camp Verde on second reference. For first reference, consider each date as a seperate story, i.e., if there are three reports, one on Saturday and two on Sunday, treat the only event of Saturday and first event on Sunday as first reference; the second event on Sunday as second reference. For the jail facility in Prescott, use Yavapai County Jail, in Prescott.

Yavapai County Development Services Director Ken Spedding

Yavapai County Humane Society

Yavapai County Jail, in Prescott: OK to omit in Prescott on second reference. For first reference, consider each date as a seperate story, i.e., if there are three reports, one on Saturday and two on Sunday, treat the only event of Saturday and first event on Sunday as first reference; the second event on Sunday as second reference. For the jail facility in Camp Verde, use Yavapai County Detention Center, in Camp Verde.

Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Center, in Prescott: OK to omit in Prescott on second reference. For first reference, consider each date as a seperate story, i.e., if there are three reports, one on Saturday and two on Sunday, treat the only event of Saturday and first event on Sunday as first reference; the second event on Sunday as second reference. For the adult jail facility in Camp Verde, use Yavapai County Detention Center, in Camp Verde. For the adult jail facility in Prescott, use Yavapai County Jail, in Prescott.

Yavapai County Medical Examiner's Office: Chief Medical Examiner Phillip E. Keen

Yavapai County School Superintendent Tim Carter

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office: Use YCSO on second reference. Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh, Public Information Officers Susan Quayle and Scott Reed, Forest Patrol Deputy Roial "Roi" Armstrong.

Yavapai County Superior Court: Six divisions, one judge each. Judges Warren Darrow [Pro Tem Division] and Thomas B. Lindberg [Division IV]. Other judges are in the Prescott area.

Yavapai County Supervisor District 1 Rowle P. Simmons (formerly Carol Springer, who did not run for reelection in 2012)
Yavapai County Supervisor District 2 Thomas Thurman
Yavapai County Supervisor District 3 Arlo G. Chip Davis.
Also Board of Supervisors chairman. [Real name is Arlo G. "Chip" Davis, but Chip Davis is OK in all references.]
Yavapai County Supervisor District 4 Craig Brown
(new district in 2012)
Yavapai County Supervisor District 5 Jack Smith
(new district in 2012)

Yavapai East Sedona the ARC: Use YES the Arc in all references. Nonprofit for the mentally handicapped. "Arc" used to stand for Association of Retarded Persons, but this acronym is no longer used, thus, no longer capped. "YES" formerly stood for Yavapai East Sedona.

Yavapai Land Swap, Yavapai Land Trade or Yavapai Ranch Land Swap: use Yavapai Ranch Land Exchange

Yavapai Library Network: county library system.

Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe, of the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Reservation: Arizona tribe.

Yavapai Ranch Land Exchange: An exchange of U.S. Forest Service land in Camp Verde for land south of Seligman, in north Yavapai County, owned by Fred Ruskin.
Senate bill S.849 "Northern Arizona Land Exchange and Verde River Basin Partnership Act of 2004" and House bill HR 2907 "Northern Arizona National Forest Land Exchange Act of 2003."

Yellowman, Louise: Coconino County District 5 Supervisor. Elected 1980

YES the Arc: OK on first reference. "Arc" used to stand for Association of Retarded Children, but this acronym is no longer used, thus, no longer capped. "YES" formerly stood for Yavapai East Sedona.

Yuman: American Indian language family, some dialects of which are Yuma and Wipukyipai [Yavapai]

Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking: 4215 Arts Village Drive, 649-4279. Cofounded by Dan Gordon and Stephan Schultze, who was also ZGI's director. Use ZGI in second reference. Gordon left Yavapai College in summer 2012 and moved the Zaki Gordon Center for the Cinematic Arts to Liberty University, a Christian university in Lynchburg, Va. Stephan and Lori Schultze left for Liberty earlier in 2012. School now called Sedona Film School at Yavapai College.

Zeluff: William Dominick Zeluff (Born 1/3/1983) allegedly robbed the Chase bank branch in Cottonwood on April 25, 2007. Arrested at a homeless shelter in Lincoln County, Neb., and extradited to Yavapai County Detention Center, in Camp Verde.

Zielinski, Edward "Edd" S.: ILX Resorts executive vice president

Zivney Gallery

Zuni Tribe

Tohono O'odham