When she heard the news, Humane Society of Sedona Executive Director Austin Gates’ first feeling was that of shock — and then frustration.

“I’m new to Sedona but I’m not used to that kind of crime here,” she said. “I was shocked that someone would steal from the animals. To steal from a non-profit that’s trying to save the lives of animals is just sad.”

Arizona State Parks and Trails is requesting your help.

Parks officials will be on hand for an open house from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Friday, May 26, at Twin Cypress ramada at Red Rock State Park. The public is invited to provide comments and suggestions on park improvements that include an outdoor classroom and relocation of maintenance facilities.

It was a perfect weekend for yard work as evident by the amount of debris brought in during the Sedona Fire District and U.S. Forest Service’s 15th annual cleanup day.

The three-day event, Friday through Sunday, May 19 through 21, was held at Station 4 in Uptown and is designed to encourage people to prepare their homes and yards for wildfire season.

“We did a lot of cleaning around our house last week so this is perfect timing,” said Todd Springer, of the Village of Oak Creek. “I grew up in Southern California so I’m well aware of what wildfires can do and how quickly they spread. Even if your property is not adjacent to the forest land, you still need to be prepared. Fire doesn’t discriminate as to where it burns.”

It took right around 15 minutes for the Sedona Fire District Governing Board to approve the 2017-18 tentative budget.

The vote came during the May 17 meeting. The final budget will be approved during a public hearing at the board’s Wednesday, June 21, meeting.

Over the next month the Sedona Fire District Governing Board will be pouring over a binder-full of documents as it decides whether or not to pursue an $18 million bond.

During its meeting Wednesday, May 17, the board received a presentation from the citizen committee that was formed to look into funding sources for the district. Committee Co-chairman David Watters said he and the others met 10 times over two months weighing options of how to cover the cost of major capital improvement projects. In the end, they chose to recommend a bond.

After months of discussion and expert input, a citizen committee formed to look at the current and future needs of the Sedona Fire District has made its recommendation.

During its final meeting on Thursday, May 11, the committee recommended the district move forward with a bond in an amount not to exceed $18 million. The amount is based on the committee’s determination that proposed capital projects are necessary and are considered to be high priorities.

Sedona Police Chief David McGill’s message is clear — he and his staff are there to protect everyone in the community regardless of one’s immigration status.

Under President Donald Trump’s administration, immigration has come to the forefront, especially in those states bordering Mexico. With it has come misconceptions and false information. Many in the Hispanic community are fearful that local police departments will come through their neighborhoods searching for those who are here illegally.

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