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You probably have come across a newness recently, or newness will occur relatively soon. 


It may be coming in one major new way or a myriad of ways, including perceptions and decisions.


It may have popped its head up through the ground, of your life, months ago, and been manifesting then, or ‘now.’

It will be better. Put on those rose-colored glasses, Hunker down,… and count the blessings in each moment. Breathe, and see the sparkling golden energy in everything (formerly taken for granted). Breathe in the next moment waiting to be co-created by you. Do you see golden opportunities or cloudy fear?


Look through the Golden colored citrine crystal of your choice, in the sun or bright light. You’ll see its gorgeous natural Golden lights and More. Any shapes you see inside may differ from what your friend 'sees'. We receive messages that are individual to us.


That golden type of effervescence is what all reality is made of…see it in the sky. You’ve heard of lithium sky, (when sun is setting), known by its scintillating tiny specks of lights giving a calming effect. Lithium, which is natural, is in the family of valium, but Naturally uplifting.

The crystal, lipolite, has lithium in and on it, and is such an incredibly beautiful colored stone, too. Both crystals are a joy just to look at, for me.


Frequency/vibrancy of the highest, is the light of love and beauty; what ‘reality’ is made from, including our bodies and souls.


A heartfelt love of goodness, inclusive of all; people, animals, nature, etc., is our natural spirit, and when allowed to shine through us, radiates a beam on our facial countenance that is more beautiful than any face, which is just a façade anyway...(face/façade) as love is more beautiful than anything else, and what we feel from people, animals and nature is the innate vibratory, frequency; high, medium or low connection with holy spirit.


What does 'have faith' mean? Look at the bright side. See the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Put on a happy face. The blue sky and stars are always there no matter the clouds. Expect the best ultimate outcome. Believe. Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? If you don’t believe, guess what?


The requirement is a Knowing ‘belief’ in magic. The magic of holy spirit. At this time of year we remember the 3 Magi, who were astrologers, Knowing the Magic of timing and a magical high vibration of loving spiritual energy arriving.


Try the new vision of golden perceptions with a faith of the highest truth that everything is love; for the ultimate growth and evolution of you, me and the all. Try the envisioning one baby-step at a time, to really see. Know of the gold sparkling behind the cloudy façade. Grow your faith with little bitty tests.


Love. Forgive. And then love more. Start with yourself, you adorable golden light.


In the Jewish tradition of lighting the Menorah candles, it is for us to remember that when one knows/believes there is not enough oil to keep light shining in the lamp long enough to accomplish a very lengthy important goal, the miracle was that the light lasted as long as needed, beyond science or logic.


As above, so below is helpful guidance from the stars moment to moment, to astrologically point out times, and potential situations, with the hand of love reached out from ‘on high’ to lift you up into what’s for your highest good, and the good of the many. A much appreciated lift into the blissful mindset of light, while right here on earth, for your greatest ease with, and through, situations that show up, versus humanly low frequency, instinctual default to panic or hate.  


Follow a star, and live a twinkling, miraculous life of light.


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


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