Visiting Sedona

In Sedona, mountain biking isn’t just an outdoor activity, it’s a culture.

People travel from all over the country to mountain bike in the Southwest, and Sedona is on the top of many biker’s “must ride” list.

Amazing views, varying levels of difficulty and temperatures that lend themselves to trail activity year-around make Sedona a mountain biking destination.

Locals keep the culture alive and biking atmosphere fresh by hitting the trails on a daily basis. If they don’t make it to the trail, they can be spotted using two wheels to get around town.

They’re excited to share the trail with visitor’s so they can see just why

Sedona has made a name for itself in the biking world.

Miles of trail wind through Sedona’s red rocks offering mountain bikers of all levels a course to challenge their riding skill.

Beginners or those looking to just cruise a trail in beautiful scenery should head to Bell Rock Pathway. Bell Rock Pathway is the starter trail for dozens of others that can satisfy even the most advanced riders.

The pathway begins just north of the Village of Oak Creek and travels nearly back to Sedona proper.

The wide, groomed trail is perfect for those less experienced or as a warm up for bikers preparing to take on a more challenging trail.

From Bell Rock Pathway, mountain bikers can pick up numerous other trails to either head further back among the red rocks or connect to trails that run along Oak Creek.

Trails can also be accessed in Uptown Sedona at the end of Jordan Road and in various locations throughout West Sedona off Dry Creek and Boynton Pass roads.

While navigating trails around Sedona, be sure to check for designated wilderness areas. Mountain bikes, or any other mechanized vehicle, are not allowed on trails in wilderness areas.

For a trail map, stop in at a visitor’s center of visit one of several mountain bike shops that call Sedona home.

Mountain bike shop employees may also be able to point visitors in the direction of a trail appropriate for the type of excursion their looking for and their skill level.

Visitors should not attempt to ride on trails that are designed for riders with higher skill levels. Staying safe while recreating in the forest is important.

Also remember to be prepared.

Sedona’s climate is dry and can be hot depending on the time of year. Be sure to pack an adequate supply of water and drink plenty of fluids prior to heading out.

Wear loose-fitting, athletic clothing to ensure comfort and don’t forget the sun screen.

Practice trail etiquette and yield to both hikers and horse-back riders, and always ride at a controlled speed.