Visiting Sedona

Arriving in Sedona, one of the first choices many visitors make is deciding where to eat. Parched and hungry after their trips, food and beverages usually rank high on the list of priorities.

Considering the multitude of dining experiences red rock country has to offer, arriving at a final decision can be difficult. Fortunately, a variety of delicious options make it nearly impossible to make the wrong choice.

Among the delectable comforts to be found on the Sedona restaurant scene, diners will appreciate a diverse range in formality.

Because the food industry employs more people in Sedona than any other, more than 50 local restaurants go the extra mile to please their guests. A positive experience and favorite dish are waiting to be discovered at each location.

For the meat and potatoes set, traditional American dishes are available at a number of locations. Several fine dining restaurants offer upscale elegance and happily serve the choicest cuts of beef grilled to perfection.

If munching a burger and fries in Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt is more to your liking, many pubs and restaurants provide a casual dining experience with menu prices to match.

Of course, meat doesn’t make everyone’s list of favorites. No problem. Vegetarians and raw food connoisseurs can choose from several restaurants featuring menus crafted entirely to their liking. Most local eateries offer at least one vegetarian entrée.

Sedona also boasts some of the best Mexican and Italian restaurants in Northern Arizona. Whether it’s machaca beef and green chile or prosciutto and risotto, ethnic palates will find many
satisfying dining experiences from which to choose.

Restaurants specializing in Asian delicacies, whether it be Chinese, Thai or Indian food, thrive and prosper here thanks to the support of locals and visitors alike.

Many local eateries take advantage of the microbreweries and boutique wineries operated around Sedona and the Verde Valley to augment their selection of adult beverages to  complement any meal.

Several venues provide live music and other entertainment in addition to delicious food.

There are many one-of-a-kind experiences to be enjoyed here, but savoring a meal prepared especially for you under a clear, starlit Sedona sky will certainly rank high on your list of memorable experiences in red rock country.